Friday, February 22n.d, 2019

Phyllis has summoned Kerry, Billy, Kyle, Kerry and Lauren to her office to assure them that despite rumours they may hear (and the media reports), she had nothing to do with JT’s death (which Billy doesn’t believe for a minute)

Abby’s off to GCM to tend to Arturo. Assuming the wedding’s been postponed (along with the restaurant) Jack offers to help (since it’s his fault Ashley’s not there) Abby cuts her Uncle’s kind words off with a hug.

Promising to stay with Lola, Mia convinces Arturo to go get a coffee. This is my fault, she weeps as she holds Lola’s hand. Arturo eavesdrops.

At home, Rey reads a sticky note on the file – evidence points to a female attacker. Finding an enlarged photo of an earring found at the scene, he rummages through Mia’s jewellery box until he finds the match.

Billy’s furious that Phyllis talks about loyalty and unity while she’s free and the other three women remain behind bars. After Kerry, Lauren and Kyle get back to work, Phyllis asks Billy to remain in her office to talk.

What happened? You make it sound like something changed, Arturo persists – like you know something the rest of us don’t. When Abby joins them, Mia cries – she just wants to be a better person (and apologizes to Abby and Arturo) I don’t know why I’m the way I am. You two will have a wonderful life. Everyone will be safe and happy, Mia kisses Lola on the forehead and exits.

You’re a real piece of work, Billy sneers. My kids’ Mother is locked up because of you. It didn’t happen that way – Phyllis tried to save Vikki and the others from themselves by telling the truth. Billy scoffs at the ‘walking hero’. No, he’s not quitting – he’ll be working from home, Vikki’s home (while the kids think their Mom’s on a business trip) Passing a furious Billy, Kerry and Lauren return to show their support. After Kerry again gets back to work, Lauren makes it clear that Phyllis doesn’t have her unconditional support.

At CL’s, Abby dissuades Kyle from going to GCM. Be patient – I’ll see what I can do.