Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Rey appreciates the offer but a reward will only lead to a wild goose chase. Mia wants to focus on bringing Lola back to them. Agreeing, Abby apologizes for arguing with Mia on Valentine’s Day. I didn’t mean the ugly things I said. Mia also wishes she could take back that night. Yes, I forgive you ~hug~

After Mike takes Chris out for a moment, Nick steps aside to eavesdrop. Chris is confidant Phyllis is telling the truth – too bad your clients didn’t when they had the chance.

At the apartment, Rey asks Mia about the fight Abby apologized for starting and looks suspicious when she suggests someone attacked Lola to get back at him (as a cop he’s made enemies)

Summer doesn’t get why Kyle’s pursuing a girl who keeps rejecting him – ignoring that she thinks he’s perfect just as he is. Kyle just wants to see Lola – imagine the hell of not being able to be with the person you love. Summer gets that. I love you, she blurts out as Kyle’s trying to get her to back off. I love you, she repeats.

Rey doubts someone attacked Lola to send him a message. There’s no reason to think it was Victor – no one knew he’d arrested the three women when Lola was attacked. He promises to bring the person to justice.

You love me? Yeah, Kyle IS surprised. Yes, we have history but most of it’s bad. Not long ago you were obsessed with Billy. Summer still feels connected to Kyle (and he should stop denying it) She would have left him and Lola alone IF he was happy. The night at the cabin, the kiss felt right. Summer and her love aren’t going anywhere – nothing will change how she feels.

The Judge is back to say the DA has met the burden of probable cause. Charged with second-degree murder and obstruction of justice, Nikki pleads not guilty (as do Sharon and Vikki of lesser charges) Chris lists her reasons why bail should be denied. As the Judge agrees, Nick marches out. Everyone else glares at Phyllis.