Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

Please tell me you’re not a witness, Billy snarks. No, Kerry’s at the courthouse to support Jack. After all disperse, Billy watches suspiciously as Kerry fawns over Jack some more.

I said I’d call you! Nick hangs up to tell Mike that Victor’s not happy about having to stay home. Not overly sympathetic, Mike’s got enough on his plate – fighting to keep the Newman women out of jail (while they fight him tooth and nail)

Billy gives Vikki and Nikki a pep talk – Chris is grandstanding. Mike will shut her down. But – expect old grudges and a few bombshells.

You’re leaving? Abby scolds. Summer has somewhere else to be. You’re just here to make Nick and Jack think you have a soul, Abby assumes she’s going for a mani-pedi. You know me so well, Summer snarls as she exits.

When Kyle brings Devon and Anna to GCM as possible donours, Nate takes Devon aside to make sure he’s doing this for the right reason. As the siblings go to be tested, a helpless feeling Kyle has made a playlist. Thinking that a great idea, Nate sends Kyle in to see Lola.

Kerry on the phone, Billy tells Jack that she’s really falling for him; it’ll be easy to get her onboard. Jack wants to go a different route. We’re not using Kerry as a Trojan Horse or a prop. SHE will decide whether she helps us. Kerry is important to me. As important as Jabot? Billy asks as Kerry returns. All then file back in ad Chris calls her first witness to the stand – Mariah Copeland.

On the stand, Mariah tells the jury that she was drunk that night so doesn’t remember much. Why did you even attend the party? My mom asked me – I was a bartender. Sharon arranged the party to cheer Vikki up and show her that she could move on without JT (which she made sure of, Chris’s comment is objected to and withdrawn)