Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

In the courtroom, Sharon looks nervous as Mike confers with Nikki and Vikki. Britney reassures that her job is to represent Sharon, and only Sharon, to the best of her ability. Aside, Mike reminds his clients that they lied – if he puts them on the stand, Chris will eviscerate them. His goal is to get Nikki and Vikki back home where they belong. A lonely looking Sharon looks on.

At Nick’s, Summer defends her Mom and wants just five minutes to change her Dad’s mind (about being pissed that Phyllis is testifying against the other three)

Billy’s been summoned home to discuss today’s trial. Jack wants them to go together – to present a united front for Jabot. Billy worries that the Mother of his kids will be sent to prison. If that happens, he’s not sure what he’ll do.

On the CL’s patio, Kyle’s brought a fidgety Mariah some calming tea. She’s terrified that what she’ll say on the stand will send her Mom to prison. Kyle got some bad news from Abby and needs Mariah’s help – it’s a matter of life and death.

Mia comes out of the bedroom to say good morning. Rey can’t go to court yet because he’s on the witness list. Mia worries about Lola – and the stress is bad for the baby. Are you going to turn me in? she wonders.

Nick doesn’t want to debate this with Summer (who asks him to give her Mom the benefit of the doubt) She’s testifying against my Mother and sister – and don’t appeal to them on Phyllis’ behalf, he warns. All they need from you today is your support – got it?

Back in the courtroom, Nikki hugs Victor (who tells Vikki that he wants his family back together) Billy arrives to update Vikki on the kids. Jack’s there to offer the Newmans support (which all, even Victor, appreciate) Jack then does the same for Sharon – everyone’s rooting for you guys. We’ve got your back.

Arturo talks to an unconscious Lola – he and Rey aren’t a match but we’ll find a donour. Hold on, he instructs his sleeping sister.

Kyle and Mariah are at CGM (which she isn’t sure is a good idea) Just do your thing, Kyle will take full responsibility if this doesn’t work.

Rey comes back from a walk that Mia hopes cleared things up for him. He’s always wanted to be the role model he never had. That’s why you’ll be an amazing Father, Mia knows this is a hard decision. Rey’s never let personal feelings come in the way of upholding the law. He knows Mia didn’t mean to hurt Lola – but you lied to protect yourself. And if Lola doesn’t make it, Chris will come down on you hard. That said, Rey will keep Mia’s secret – forever.