Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

After having the blood taken, Devon and Anna have a nice chat. He’s not even close to thinking about dating – no one can follow Hilary. How about Anna? She’s not looking – she’s writing. Declining Devon’s offer to pay off her debt, Anna will let him pay for her coffee. As they head off laughing, Kyle comes out and is surprised to see Summer as she walks past.

Mariah blathers on until the Judge instructs her to just answer the questions. That night, Mariah woke up in the den, then went upstairs thinking she heard Vikki’s voice. My Mom said they were purging Vikki’s closet. She didn’t invite you in? Sharon closed the door and sent you home alone? Chris wonders what was more important to Sharon than her daughter’s safety. Mike’s objection is overruled.

Summer encourages Kyle to talk to Lola (as she talked to her Mom when she was in a coma) There’s nothing she could do to help anyone at the courthouse. You can’t help here, Kyle sighs. Summer can – she took a blood test to see if she’s the one who can save Lola.

Chris now has video to play that Mariah might be able to identify. As the lights are turned off, Tessa looks terrified.

Summer makes it very clear that she’s just being tested for Kyle’s sake. How about a thank you? And who cares what her motives are? I hate seeing you like this. Summer just wants to help Kyle. He’s sorry – his head is messed up. Thanks for being tested. After Summer goes to the lab, Nate says that finding a match is just the beginning.

So you recognize the women in this video. Mariah points to the defendants. Yes, she’s seen this video before. When? Mariah received a tip. No, she didn’t take it to the police. Chris is incredulous – how many parties do you go to that end up with the guests running a body around in a rug. No further questions. Stay seated – Mike has questions for Mariah.

Devon and Anna tell Kyle that neither of them is a match but they’ll spread the word. The jet will be on standby. Summer’s next – joking and confident that she’s the match (then quietly worries to Nate – how dangerous is the surgery for the donor?)

Mike talks Mariah in circles and threatens to get warrants on her business and personal email accounts. You know where the ‘tip’ came from. You could tell us who sent it – or how you really came to see this video. Mariah and Tessa both look busted.