Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

As Sharon and Nikki give Vikki a pep talk, Britney takes her client aside – they are not your friends. Our strategy is to portray you as an innocent bystander, not a co-conspirator. Sharon doesn’t need to pretend to hate them. Chris is looking to convict, Britney warns – let Nikki and Vikki take the fall or you all go down together.

Mike makes it clear that Victor’s outburst (which both women defend) hasn’t helped matters but there’s no point in focussing in any one moment. Nikki agrees – we have faith in you. Mike’s visibly pissed that his clients haven’t given him anything to build a defense with aren’t telling him anything to build a defense on.

Still in recess, Nikki won’t hear of Vikki telling the truth. They stick to Nikki’s story that she killed and buried JT alone. I am the one responsible for JT’s death.

Anna and Devon are working on a budget at the club. He doesn’t want to talk about the panic attack he had at GCM the other day. You’re so brave, Anna’s supportive (and doesn’t believe that Devon’s ‘fine’)

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Outside the courtroom, Billy rants about the vicious Phyllis. Not quite as judgmental, Jack didn’t realize she was in so deep. Phyllis is going to take Jabot down with her – we need to get her out as CEO! Billy’s adamant. When Abby arrives, Summer runs over for an update on Lola’s status (Billy and Jack will both go in for testing) And how’s Kyle? Summer asks. Not good.

At the club, Devon and Anna invite Kyle to join them. Reluctantly doing so, he has no good news about Lola. Time is running out.

Chris is alone in the courtroom when Billy asks for a word (which she thinks inappropriate) he knows she has a heart. Relaying what poor Lily’s enduring in prison, Billy doesn’t see the point in sending the ladies there. The point is justice – if you take a life you can’t carry on living your own as if nothing happened. When Tessa arrives, all turn to glare (including Abby and Nick; who’s NO fan of hers)

Devon offers whatever he can to help Lola get better – don’t hesitate. She needs a liver donation but the only thing Kyle could do to help was going on Mariah’s show. As owner of the station, Devon has no problem with the segment. He and Anna are off to the hospital to get tested. Touched, Kyle’s barely able to say thank you.