Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

Mike confers with his clients – he doesn’t need the jury to believe that Tessa killed JT, he just needs reasonable doubt. Aside, Mariah gives Tessa a pep talk – it’ll get better from here on out. Tessa fears the worst is yet to come.

Kerry cares about Jack …. When Chris barges into her office, Phyllis calls out for Ted (who’s supposed to keep the riff-raff out) After Kerry escapes, Phyllis rants about Chris manipulating her on the stand. I outsmarted you – get over it, Chris wants to know everything about Tessa Porter (a sleazy little grifter, Phyllis is happy to smear)

Summer believes she and Kyle can start fresh after she has the surgery that will give Lola a long, happy life (like us) She’s convinced that Kyle will realize that she’s the woman for him. I know I can make you happy. You won’t have to walk on pins and needles – I won’t try to change you. You’ll realize you were miserable with Lola and remember why we loved each other. Are you willing to give ‘us’ a try – for Lola? Yes, Kyle is. To prove she’s not trying to trap him, Summer offers a divorce if he doesn’t come around in one year. Whaddaya say?

Chris grills Tessa – was the rug large enough to conceal a body? What happened to the money Nikki transferred to you? The women found out and demanded you returned it right? Tessa’s lead through the story of Vikki and Nikki threatening to frame her for JT’s murder. Vikki found the footage because she’d hidden a camera in my apartment. If the video was so innocent, why did Vikki want it so badly? Chris wonders. As Tessa stammers, Mike shouts – objection.

Guessing Tessa’s afraid the defendants will seek retribution, Chris offers police protection for full cooperation. Tessa admits that the women accused her of moving JT’s body. It was .. intense .. Frustrated with the vague answers, Chris wonders if Tessa did move JT’s body.

Kerry’s back in Phyllis’ office to express surprise that her loyalty was questioned. I’ve done nothing but support you. Phyllis appreciates that; she just needs to be careful. Some are portraying her as the villain. I need to be devoted to Jabot – I want to mark the new era; the Phyllis era. Instead of the Phyllis era, how about the Phyllis and Kerry era? Phyllis looks stunned by her friend’s suggestion.