Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

At the club, both Summer and Kyle are stunned that he just offered to marry her to save Lola. It’s what you want – you win, Kyle sighs – he means it – let’s do this. You give me what I need and I give you what you want (Whaddaya say?)

Court back in session, Mike calls Tessa Porter to the stand to ask about how she came across the video and what she did with it. You used it to extort the defendants out of a quarter of a million dollars, he already knows the answer. Met with silence, Mike offers to jog Tessa’s memory.

Having summoned Kerry into her office, Phyllis admits that she needs to see a friendly face. You’re the only person I can count on right now.

Mike hands the Judge letters to the defendants requesting 250K and the bank transfers from Nikki’s account to Tessa’s. Yes, Tessa blackmailed the defendants. I’m so sorry, she weeps. You were greedy and vindictive, Mike blames Tessa for the ladies being too scared to go to the cops. If anyone deserves to face criminal charges, it’s Miss Tessa Porter.

Mike establishes that Tessa wasn’t afraid of Nikki and the others and that this isn’t the first time she’s targetted the Newmans. Nikki brought you into her home then had to fire you because you stole a gun (which her sister then used to kill someone) Asked to get to his point, Mike pounces. Perhaps Tessa was working with JT against the Newmans. Maybe YOU killed him. What? No! Tessa denies. Where were you the night JT was killed? Chris requests a recess; time to put together a cross-examination of this witness (who’s now crying on the stand)

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Phylis whines to Kerry – no one understands that she talked to the police to protect the other women. When Kerry asks about the fallout Jabot might face, Phyllis has a plan for that but wonders if that question’s coming from Jack (and whether Kerry’s relationship with him will be a problem ‘for you and me’)

Back at the club, Kyle claims that his feelings on this marriage are irrelevant. Yes, he’s looking at this as a transaction he’s doing for the woman he loves; Lola. He’d give his life for hers so has no qualms about sacrificing his happiness. You think I’m cold and calculating if I take you up on this offer? Kyle’s honesty has made this decision easy for Summer – she’d never blackmail someone into a loveless marriage. My answer is ‘no’.

Kyle chases after Summer – what do you need from me? OK – his relationship with Lola wasn’t perfect – they argued about money and wanted different things. Lack of sex was becoming an issue. But we always got back together. I love her now more than ever. Because she’s sick, Summer badgers Kyle to admit that he still has feelings for her – and that he kissed her back that night at the cabin. Isn’t that a relief to finally get off your chest? Summer’s relieved on Kyle’s behalf.