Wednesday, March 6th, 2019.

At the courthouse, Rey half-heartedly tries to get rid of Mia (who’s there to support her husband) I’m being called to testify for the defense, not the prosecution – but Rey’s confident he did everything right. As the Rosales’ take a seat, all wonder what Britney knows that they don’t. Aside, Sharon asks Britney if she’s sure about this. Positive, Brit replies – and wastes no time calling Detective Rosales to the stand.

Holding hands across a table at the club, Summer’s overjoyed that she’ll soon be Mrs Kyle Abbott. He’s still fixated on Lola and cuts off Summer’s talk of wedding plans. Barely able to manage a kiss for his besotted fiancee, Kyle leaves looking sick.

Rey on the stand, Britney wants the jury to understand the sequence of events leading up to her client and the others being arrested. You (Rey) were about to take Victor to the courthouse when Nikki confessed. The next day, you arrested Vikki, Phyllis and Sharon. How did you learn that they were involved? Sharon confessed to me, Rey readily admits.

Arriving at Jack’s, Kerry’s thrilled to see that he’s set out wine and all her favorites. You work too hard – he’s hoping today is the start of a new chapter in their lives.

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Summer’s summoned her Mom to the club to share some exciting news – I want you to be the first one to know.

At GCM, Kyle holds Lola’s hand and looks utterly devastated (like a man who knows he’s sold his soul to the devil)

You have a new boyfriend, Phyllis guesses. No, Summer’s engaged. Phyllis’ jaw drops.

Kyle tells Lola that he found a living donor. You’ll be OK – get well – leave this hospital and live a long, full life making your dreams come true.

Did Sharon confess at the station? At CL’s? Or another public place? Mia looks increasingly uncomfortable when Britney has Rey testify that Sharon confessed at her house. Are you married? Oh, it IS ‘relevant’, Britney wants to know why Detective Rosales was at Sharon’s on Valentine’s Day. She’s your friend, landlady and co-worker – and you noticed a phone bill with a call to 911 on the night JT disappeared. When Britney revisits the purpose for Rey’s visit, Chris’ objection is overruled. Reminded that he’s under oath, Rey admits that he told Sharon he loved her. In the gallery, Mia looks understandably pissed off.