Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

Summer reiterates the guidelines – if Kyle wants to continue pursuing Lola after one year, she’ll give him a divorce (but no annulment as soon as she has the surgery) Kyle has some rules too – no husbandly duties. Summer’s OK with that – also, we shouldn’t tell anyone that I’m Lola’s donor. OK, then well hold off on telling anyone about the marriage. Summer would prefer their marriage to be seen as fated, not a deal. OK but Kyle must be the one to tell Lola.

Phyllis likes a woman who recognizes her worth. Kerry likes a woman who’s not threatened by other women. Phyllis will compensate Kerry accordingly and looks forward to unleashing their collective talents. Let the Kerry and Phyllis era begin, Kerry extends her hand. The Phyllis and Kerry era, Phyllis corrects as they shake hands.

Tessa had nothing to do with JT’s death. Why should we believe you? Why would the defendants believe you? Chris asks. Because they tied me up and put a bag over my head and kidnapped me, Tessa tearfully blurts out and goes along with Chris’ sympathetic retelling of her ‘abduction’. Giving Tessa an angry glare, Nick walks out when she reluctantly ID’s Nikki, Vikki and Sharon (who wasn’t as enthusiastic as the others but participated none the less) They were yelling. I cried and begged them to forgive me. They left you alone in the woods? Chris is incredulous. What was the temperature that night? Tessa doesn’t know – it was cold. No further questions, Chris eyes the jury. In the hallway, Tessa and Nick have words – she’s not sure who told Chris about the kidnapping but it wasn’t her!

On the patio, Mariah reassures Tessa – you’re not to blame. Chris was merciless. We’ll get through this together. Hello girls, Phyllis recognizes someone who just got off the witness stand (and boasts that she was the one who told Chris that Tessa blackmailed them) You didn’t just hurt Tessa, Mariah blasts Phyllis (who denies telling Chris about the kidnapping) OMG – Chris tricked me, Tessa realizes.

Back at the courthouse, Mike (with Nick) is furious that his clients sabotaged him (and themselves) How did Chris find out about us kidnapping Tessa? Nikki wonders. Britney appears to say that she has a way to clean up this mess for them when she calls the next defense witness; Rey Rosales. By the time she’d done with him, the jury will have forgotten all about Tessa.

Summer’s fine with Kyle being the one to tell Lola – but her brothers won’t let you anywhere near her. Kyle wants to get to the hospital to schedule surgery. Fine, but first Kyle’s to get down on bended knee and propose. Patrons look on then applaud when Summer accepts Kyle’s proposal and happily leaps into his arms.