Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Chris continues – you stayed after the scene we watched – what eventually caused you to break up with JT? He was emotionally abusive, controlling. In Hawaii, he took my phone and tried to convince me to pack up the kids and move away. He leaked a memo to the press (of my demotion) to publicly humiliate me so I wouldn’t want to go home. Reminding Vikki that she’s under oath, Chris suggests that Vikki broke up with JT because she learned he was working undercover; investigating her Father. Did you also tell your Mother that night that JT was spying on Victor? (Chris implies that was Nikki’s motive) The four of you rolled JT up in a carpet and buried him. In tears, Vikki’s never regretted anything more in her life. Chris (and Britney) having no further questions, Mike takes another turn – tell the court what you were feeling the moment before your Mother struck JT. Fear – terror. What would have happened if Nikki hadn’t struck JT? I’d be dead. Chris objects and the Judge orders the answer stricken from the record. The defense rests, Mike takes a seat.

The court in recess, Britney has a quiet talk with Sharon about domestic violence. How can anyone doubt Vikki after hearing her? Sharon wonders why Britney didn’t question her (Vikki) Rey’s testimony built a strong defense for your case – no point risking Vikki contradicting that. Watching, Nikki and Vikki quietly complain about Sharon not being able to keep her mouth shut. Asked his opinion, Mike thinks it went well – but Chris is good at her job.

In the hallway, Nick updates his Dad (by phone) on how well Vikki did. Billy comes over to chat with Nick (both would kill JT if he weren’t already dead) Billy wishes he hadn’t sent Phyllis over to the girls’ night – they might have called 911; none of this would be happening. Nick still believes that JT’s the one who’s been hiding out at the ranch. If he can prove it, he can save his sister, Mom and Sharon.

Looking at a framed photo of happier times, Mia’s deeply hurt. Is this payback for me sleeping with your brother? She wouldn’t blame him. You’ve always been better than me; honest, reliable. That’s what hurts Mia the most – he promised to fight for their marriage. We can still fix this. Rey doesn’t think so – we’re no good together. That’s not true, Mia will go to counseling, be a better wife. We’re going to have a baby. How can you do this to our child?

Clasping Rey’s hand, Mia pleads for one more chance. No, Rey can’t. He won’t abandon her or the baby but we can’t be together. It’s more than Sharon. You have feelings for Arturo and attacked Lola (who he’s now going to see) Rey will keep Mia’s secret but that’s all he can do. Mia’s left alone to cry.

Chris’ closing remarks list the indisputable facts; these women killed JT and buried him in a park like roadkill. They had so many opportunities to come forward but lied and made bad choices. There was no remorse, they were happy that JT was dead. Nikki murdered JT, Vikki covered it up. Sharon was just as involved (and lied while working with the lead detective) Consider the facts – find them guilty (of being judge, jury and executioner)

In her closing remarks, Britney asks the jury to separate her client from the other defendants. Unlike Nikki and Vikki, Sharon had no reason to want JT dead. Finding herself in a horrific situation, Sharon wanted to call 911 but was soon pressured to go along with the plan. Enter Rey Rosales, lead detective – a man so desperate to advance his career that he arrested Victor. And when that fell apart, he pretended to be in love with Sharon to get information. She was used, by the defendants and a police officer she thought was a friend. These facts must lead you to find Sharon Newman not guilty.

Mike muses about ‘reasonable doubt’. If you find both conflicting stories credible the state has not proven it’s case and you must find the defendants not guilty. The DA painted JT as a victim; not the dangerous man you saw abuse Vikki and try to kill her Father – twice. JT was a violent man who terrorized his fiance. Studies show that domestic violence escalates and often results in a fatality. JT broke into Vikki’s home to force her back into an abusive relationship. Nikki’s only goal was to save her daughter’s life. She didn’t intentionally harm anyone. In that case, Nikki’s not guilty and Vikki isn’t party to any crime. Those are the facts. Therefore, you must find the defendants not guilty.