Friday, March 8th, 2019

Phyllis barges into Jack’s house blathering on about Summer being his daughter soon. How do you not know?! Summer and Kyle are getting married (news to Jack)

Fussing over a breakfast platter at Nick’s, Summer sends Kyle a text – summoning him over; we have much to discuss xo

Arturo joins Rey at GCM – both received a message from Nate (who appears to inform that they have a donor for Lola) The brothers are relieved but disappointed that they can’t thank the donor (who wants to remain anonymous) Joining them, Kyle pretends this is the first he’s heard of it. Great – nothing else matters – just Lola.

Nate tells the three men that the surgery will take place in a few days. When Kyle refers to the donor as ‘she’, the Rosales brothers wonder how he knows it’s a female. Kyle just assumed (but Nate won’t confirm the donor’s gender) This is what we’ve been waiting for.

At CL’s, Mariah reassures Tessa – you protected Sharon when Chris had you on the stand. Worried that she confessed to extortion under oath, Tessa looks nervous when a police officer moseys in.

Kyle and Summer are engaged!? Is she ….? No, she’s not pregnant. Jack’s stunned – Kyle’s been spending all his free time at the hospital watching over Lola. He’s moved on. They circled back, Phyllis claims. While his girlfriend’s in a coma? You haven’t seen how passionately devoted Kyle is to Lola, Jack insists. Both look awkward when Billy strolls in to comment ‘we all know how passion fades’.

Most recipients don’t know their donor, Nate dissuades Rey and Arturo from trying to find/thank him or her. Kyle suggests Mariah broadcast a thank you on her show. Letting the brothers go give Lola the good news, Kyle replies to Summer – ‘sorry, can’t get away’. Miffed, grabs her purse and clip-clops out.

Given an arrest warrant, Tessa won’t let Mariah go on the air to talk about how unfair Chris is. No, Tessa’s done making bad decisions – I’m ready. As the handcuffs go on, Mariah kisses Tessa (who’s read her rights as the cops lead her out)