Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Mike has Vikki tell the jury about her relationship with JT over the last year. Reed moved in, JT followed a few months later after his wife filed for divorce. We were happy – then he became emotionally and physically abusive. Vikki was too ashamed to tell anyone – except her therapist (whose notes Mike enters into evidence) He then plays the video of JT assaulting Vikki (on hidden camera) and scoffs that JT’s a victim.

At home, Rey insists that Mia’s the woman he wants. You’re in love with Sharon – look me in the eye and tell me it’s not true, Mia challenges.

Mike asks Vikki what lead up to the encounter on the video. JT accused me of being weak, a bad Mother and controlled by my Father. Things escalated quickly. I fought back – I hit him (that was the only time) JT had been emotionally abusive for a while (more than constructive criticism) He made me doubt myself. When Vikki finally ended things, JT refused to accept it. The night he broke in, Vikki lied to the police (and Mike) She was afraid no one would believe what happened. I pray the jury believes I was terrified.

You can’t say it – you can’t say you’re not in love with Sharon, Mia rants – she’s on trial for murder. I felt like an idiot hearing that in the courtroom with everyone else. How am I supposed to get past this? The same way Rey’s supposed to get over her sleeping with Arturo (and the jealousy that may cost Lola her life) You’re not a betrayed, innocent wife – that’s a joke! Rey shouts. I’m not the one who cheated – that was you!

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Mike guides Vikki as she relays telling the ladies that JT was abusive. She was upstairs regrouping when JT appeared – he wanted to fight for their relationship. He refused to leave – insisted he could be the man she deserved. I told him it was over. He called me a stone-cold bitch and blamed my Father (who he tried to kill – twice) Flashback to JT grabbing the phone out of Vikki’s hand – slapping her – pinning her to the dresser. I thought he was going to kill me. Suddenly, he collapsed and I saw my Mom holding the poker. No, Nikki didn’t know JT was there – she didn’t want him to die – she just wanted me to live.

Rey rehashes the pain he felt when Mia said Arturo’s name when they were making out. No, he hasn’t slept with Sharon. But you have deep feelings for her and Mia can’t forgive that. You don’t know if you can forgive ME? Rey scoffs – I can’t do this anymore. I’m in love with Sharon, he admits.

Vikki testifies that everyone wanted to call 911 but Phyllis convinced them not to – the police wouldn’t believe us. In shock and not trusting her own judgment, Vikki trusted Phyllis’. Mike finds it ironic that the prosecution’s star witness orchestrated the cover-up. Chris’ turn – she’s sorry for what Vikki had to go through. What happened after the encounter we just saw? Did you sustain injuries? Go to the hospital? Did you file a complaint with the police? You could have gotten a restraining order. You not only stayed with JT, you agreed to marry him. Vikki thought things would get better. JT swore it would never happen again. And it didn’t, Chris concludes – until the night JT allegedly got so out of control that your Mother had no other choice but to kill him.