Friday, March 15th, 2019

Handcuffed and in prison blues, Nikki, Sharon and Vikki are walked out single file by a guard who announces that they’re being transferred to Lakewood Correctional facility – welcome to the rest of your lives ladies.

Nick and Billy show up at Rey’s (not surprised that his wife’s not there) He denies he lied to Sharon but can’t say that he’s happy with the way things turned out. Good, Nick’s giving Rey a chance to make things right.

At the Abbott mansion, Arturo’s nervous about Lola’s surgery – all he can do is sit and pray. Look out for your sister, I’ll look out for you, Abby reassures.

Ready for this? Nate asks. Smiling weakly, Lola feels like she won the lottery. Someone’s giving her part of themselves and she can’t even say thank you. Where’s Kyle?

Waking up, Summer’s disappointed to see that Kyle’s out of bed and dressed. Where are you going?

Sitting on the bed, Kyle informs that he’s going to the hospital to make sure everything’s set. Rest – the sacrifice you’re making is life changing. He’s amazed by Summer. She doesn’t need her ego stroked – I’m doing this for us. She knows he’ll get over his feelings for Lola soon. This is real – this is going to last. Kyle agrees – he’s committed to his promise. Summer believes it’s more than that. We made love – it was real. We belong together.

In a room at the club, Mia fiddles with her wedding ring as she flashes back to Rey admitting that he’s in love with Sharon – then Arturo’s harsh words (and a look of longing between them) Mia calls to summon Arturo to her room – you’ll regret it if you don’t. Everything OK? Abby asks. Yes, he needs to handle something and will meet her at the hospital.

Billy and Nick lay out their theory – it was a set up; the planted evidence – a stalker surveilling the Newmans from inside the ranch who sang a song to Katie that JT wrote. You let three women go to trial without saying anything about this? Rey reminds that Phyllis said JT was dead. Nick and Billy don’t believe it – you assumed he was murdered and stopped looking. Please, help us make this right. Alright, Rey agrees.

Rey ends a call – it’s in the works (but he’s doing this for Sharon, not Nick and Billy) JT’s out there, Nick’s sure. Then we have to find him, Rey says.

Loaded into the back of a transport van, the three women look nervous.