Thursday, March 14th, 2019

Nick’s at home on the phone with Billy – find Rey and get him onboard (he’s busy with Summer’s wedding) After he hangs up, Summer comes out to say she can’t believe she’s getting married today. Nick can’t believe it either. Summer thinks her wedding well-timed – life’s short. When you find happiness you have to hang on and not let go. Nick just wants Summer to be happy. Phyllis appears to say she let herself in with her key – hope you don’t mind. Nick does – you can help Summer with her makeup at the club. Be furious with me tomorrow, Phyllis wants this day to be about Summer. Mom! On cue, Summer bounces over – one day you’ll both see that Kyle and I are meant to be together.

Finding Kyle laying on the couch, Jack says he doesn’t have to go through with this. If you’re not sure it’s better to say so now. I can make this all go away. No, Kyle wants this more than Jack can possibly know. OK then, let’s not keep the bride waiting. Love you. Love you too. See you there. Kyle’s left to mope.

At CL’s, Mariah and Tessa are dressed for the wedding. Kyle’s not taking Mariah’s calls or messages. She considers dropping another wedding day truth bomb (like she did at Sharon’s) We have to focus on Faith – she needs us.

Devon and Anna are butting heads at the penthouse. You spied on me, she whines. I’m looking out for you, Devon claims. Do anything like that again and I’m out of here, Anna warns. After what you did to me … After what you did to ME – let’s start there, Devon fires back.

Nick and Phyllis assure Summer that her groom will show. You look stunning, Victor hugs her. Summer’s never been more happy or nervous. Your grandma and aunt are here in spirit, Victor mumbles. Aside, Nick explains why Phyllis is here. Victor won’t cause any problems but warns him to keep an eye out; family is precious. Victor’s called the governor’s office- he’ll leave no stone unturned. Mariah and Tessa arrive to tell Summer how beautiful she looks. Are you sure Kyle’s coming? Yes, of course – where else would he be? Summer knows they don’t support this marriage but there’s nothing they can do to stop it – so enjoy the champagne, thanks for coming. Jack and Kerry arrive – Kyle’s getting dressed, Jack reassures the nervous bride. Summer excuses herself to call Kyle and leave a message – hoping he’s on his way. If you stand me up remember that selfish decisions have very bad consequences.

Devon calls Anna on her numerous lies. You’re the one person I thought I could trust. Why’d you lie?