Friday, March 22nd, 2019

On the phone, Rey informs that he found the three women and is bringing them in. Hanging up, he wants to know exactly what went down out here. JT toyed with us, made noises outside; cut off the power and phone, took the burner. He then came in and made them tie themselves up. Smashed stuff with the poker shouting ‘make it stop’. As JT’s removed on a gurney, Vikki feels kinda sorry for him (as she hugs Billy) Back inside, Victor warns Rey that the truth comes with a big price. So be it, he replies (as Sharon looks over)

What will Kyle do now? Explain things to Lola – tomorrow. Mariah insists he does it tonight – before someone else does. As for her Mom, Kyle’s sure Rey will find her. It’s crazy what people will do for love. Nick then calls from the station. Tell my Mom I love her, Mariah hangs up relieved.

The three women are again in handcuffs at the station. What the hell happened? Chris marches out to hear that Rey reviewed the evidence, acted on a hunch and set a trap for JT. He’s at Memorial. Rey’s heading there – but to see his sister. Victor blasts Chris for ignoring the evidence and convicting three women for a murder that didn’t happen. He then turns on Nick – why didn’t you ask me for help. Nick did what he thought was best – they’re safe, that’s all that matters. Victor respects the risk Nick took for the family.

At home, Traci updates Jack that Dina’s agitated about Ashley. Ashley? Dina comes out looking for her but is easily distracted when Jackie offers to make her tea. Ashley’s grown up and in Paris now. Dina loves it there – when is she coming back? Jack’s not sure she will – he misses her too.

Lola awakens to make fun of her brothers having nothing better to do than watch her drool. Leaving for work, Rey bumps into Mia in the hallway. Running off to your precious Sharon? she chides him. Refusing to take the bait (about leaving his unborn child) Rey orders Mia to get her stuff out of his place and leave the key.

Is there a reason Kyle hasn’t come to see me? Lola asks Arturo – as Kyle arrives. Asking for time alone with Lola, Kyle has some things to talk about.

Sounds serious – what’s this about? It’s about the donor. She’s fine – it’s Summer. She doesn’t hate you, she likes you. She was the only match – I married you. Summer was scared, he says in tears. I would have said anything to get her to do it. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. I love you. Lola looks devastated.