Friday, March 22nd, 2019

Dina up in bed, Jack and Traci discuss her decline. She must really miss Ashley. Jack notes the irony – she gave Ashley the means to start her own company. Traci knows he and Billy are up to something. Jack will do whatever it takes to put their Father’s legacy back in the family’s hands.

Phyllis appears as Kerry’s about to leave with her take out. Who’s Dominic Carol? Phyllis asks as she holds out an envelope that was delivered for Kerry. It’s my new intern, Kerry doesn’t see the problem. Phyllis doesn’t like finding things out after the fact. Of course she trusts Kerry (who didn’t mean to alarm Phyllis) Both are glad they talked. See you at the office. After Phyllis leaves, Kerry sends a text to PC – final paperwork in. We’re set.

When Rey returns to update Chris that his sister’s recovering, the gang protests when hearing the ladies ordered back to holding. It’s only temporary, Victor assures Nikki – be strong. Vikki runs into Billy’s arms. Sharon asks Rey what will happen. Chris will have the verdicts overturned. Whatever lied ahead for him is worth it, he gently leads her away to holding. Nick and Victor have a chat about the risk JT took and how dangerous JT is.

Mariah pays Summer a visit. I know the whole story (Kyle’s in telling Lola everything now) No, Mariah doesn’t hate Summer, she feels sorry for her.

I hope you’re happy – Rey’s kicking me out, Mia whines to Arturo. He better change his brother’s mind or she’ll tell Abby they slept together. Arturo will tellAbby himself. The fallout will be better than being controlled by Mia.

Did you sleep with her? Lola asks through her tears. That’s the way you chose to do this. Do you love her? No, I love you, Kyle insists. He made a sacrifice to save Lola’s life. I’m tired, you should go, Lola sniffles. I’m grateful you and Summer saved my life. I could never repay you – but – your bride needs you now. She just got out of surgery too. You should be with her. As Kyle leaves, both are quietly sobbing.

In a cell, the women talk about what will happen to them now. Vikki wonders what’s wrong with JT. Nick chose to save his life – now our lives may be in his hands.

A grim-faced Chris looks out of the window in JT’s hospital room (as he lays unconscious)