Friday, March 22nd, 2019

The women cough, then grow weak and pass out as the gas continues to leak into the room; JT also unconscious.

Lola awakens to kind words from a nurse; there’s a young man outside who’s been anxious to see you. Kyle, Lola murmurs. But, it’s Arturo who walks through the curtain.

Nate expects Summer to make a full recovery (though she’s still asleep) Kyle’s glad to hear that Lola’s doing well and is about to exit Summer’s room when she awakens.

In the woods, Billy and Phyllis come across the guards JT left unconscious. As Nick and Victor arrive, all smell gas and race into the cabin. Turn off the main gas line! Victor barks. The ladies are carried outside; JT too (we need this bastard alive to get the murder charges dropped, Nick grunts) Rey then arrives to call in for three ambulances. Awakening to cough in Victor’s arms, Nikki’s alarmed to see Billy trying to revive Vikki as she lays motionless on the ground.

Kerry finds Jack at the GCAC bar reading about the escaped fugitives on his phone (and assumes Victor’s behind it) He then wonders whether Kerry’s decided on his written offer. She’s waiting to hear from her attorney and won’t be bullied into joining Jack for dinner (she’s getting take out) When Kerry declines a call from PC, Jack wonders if he has competition – and can see that he’s touched a nerve.

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Summer’s wish came true (to awaken with her husband at her side) Kyle meets Mariah in the hallway. She’s not here to check on Summer, she’s there to check on Kyle.

Yes, the donor’s OK, Arturo tells Lola that he lit a bunch of candles at church. Have you talked to Kyle? Lola asks. Nate interrupts – are you up for an exam?

Vikki coughs and looks at JT. He’s alive, Rey says. Paramedics en route, Victor wants to get their stories straight. No, Rey went out on a limb and isn’t telling any more lies. We tell the truth from now on.

Jack and Kerry are back on track; laughing and enjoying one another’s company. You’re a fine man Jack Abbott, don’t let anyone tell you different. Sounds like you’re leaving me, Jack’s then interrupted by a call from Traci (who needs help with Dina) Now alone, Kerry looks at the missed call on her phone.