Monday, March 25th, 2019

At the station, Chris tells Rey that the three women have been released. The murder charge was vacated and she had the judge agree to suspend the obstruction charges. Trust in the DA’s office and police department have been eroded – it’s best to just move on. Paul arrives to scold Rey for helping three prisoners escape custody. His decision will have repercussions.

A troubled Arturo joins Abby at Dark Horse. No, it’s not Lola’s; she’s fine – he has something to confess.

Katie? Johnny? Mommy’s home – to an empty house.

Welcome home, Victor wonders why Nikki’s so quiet. She wasn’t sure she’d ever come home again ~hug~

After a warm welcome home from Mariah, Sharon’s happy when Nick drops by the house.

Mommy!! The kids run in with Billy (carrying balloons) She’ll be here – maybe we got home before she did, he tells the disappointed kids (but is clearly puzzled himself)

An officer posted outside the hospital room, Vikki’s looks down and whispers JT’s name (motionless in bed, his eyes remain closed)

Enjoying her tea and Victor fawning over her, Nikki bets Vikki hasn’t let go of her kids yet. JT made her so fragile. Victor promises that won’t happen again – we’ll help rebuild her confidence. And now Victor has a surprise for Nikki.

Back at the station, Paul loudly lists everything his ‘rogue’ detective did – the dirty cops Rey used ‘flipped’ and are going to jail. Though Rey wants to take full responsibility, Paul has a long list of people to blame – four (or more) people could have died in that cabin. I recruited you because I was told you were the best – and you have the audacity to lie to my face!? Turn in your badge and gun – be happy that I’m only firing you!

Nate joins Vikki to explain why JT’s bandaged – they removed a benign tumour on his frontal lobe – it was likely undetected for years. Is that what changed him? It could have caused the mood swings and violence, Nate confirms. ‘Victoria’, JT awakens to murmur.