Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

Vikki’s having a nightmare about JT when Reed awakens her – it’s OK Mom.

Thinking she’s been summoned for a meeting at Dark Horse, Abby follows a path of rose petals which leads to a room full of more red roses. When Arturo appears, she says there aren’t enough flowers in the world. Just hear me out, he pleads.

Mariah and Tessa are at CL’s. Sharon’s troubles are over but Tessa’s aren’t. Mariah promises that she’ll be exonerated of her blackmail charges – you won’t be the sacrificial lamb in all this. When Mike appears, she insists on hiring him at any cost. Finally able to get a word in, Mike has good news – Chris has filed a motion to drop all charges against Tessa.

At home, Cane opens mail from Baldwin and Associates – Lily’s filed a petition for divorce.

Vikki thought Reed was part of her dream. No, I’m really here. Having heard the spin on the news, Reed wants to hear his Mom’s version. What part’s hard to explain? Dad came back from the dead and is facing four attempted murder charges. Vikki wants to believe that JT’s illness caused his actions. Reed’s angry that she kept all this from him. How do expect me to ‘make peace’ with all this?! That’ll never happen.

The twins ask their Dad about the mail he’s holding and soon learn that their Mom’s filed for divorce.

In a rose-filled room, Abby’s not happy that Arturo tricked her assistant into getting her there. I shouldn’t have slept with Mia – but I’ve changed, he swears. Our love can last, Arturo needs a chance to prove it (even after what Abby did to his poor, innocent truck) He believes they’re perfect for one another – please give us another chance. You won’t regret it, he promises.

Babe, I know we can make this work – tell me you feel the same way, Arturo’s pleading is met with laughter and scorn. Abby turns on the light – A for effort. You never loved me – you loved having a blonde heiress on your arm as you climbed the social ladder. We’re done – end of story.

Mattie and Charlie doubt the strain of prison made their Mom file for divorce – what did you do? Cane admits he did something to hurt Lily – and Charlie suspects it’s not something they can get past this time.

Hanging up with her public defender, Tessa confirms that Mike was right – the charges against her have been dropped. Thrilled, Mariah and Tessa hug and squeal in the middle of the coffee shop.