Thursday, March 28th, 2019

At Jabot, Billy and Phyllis brainstorm marketing ideas and discuss Kerry – she’s so busy she hired an intern. What? No, Billy didn’t sign off on it. All Phyllis knows is her name; Dominique Carol.

Traci’s invited Jack to the club for lunch. Once Summer’s recuperated, they expect Kyle to move back to the pool house. Traci wonders if that’s when Jack will invite Kerry to move in.

As Summer sleeps on the sofa, Kyle checks his phone (no reply from Lola) Summer then awakens to say that before she goes back to work, they need to go on a honeymoon.

Dropping by the apartment with ‘bone soup’ for Lola, Abby admits she has an ulterior motive for visiting.

Grabbing his mail off Ted’s desk, Billy sneaks off with a letter addressed to Dominique Carol. Opening and reading it, he’s stunned – what the….?

As Summer looks at honeymoon destinations online, Kyle expresses doubt that Victor will give her more time off work – he already thinks we went on a honeymoon. Perhaps you should tell your family about the surgery, he suggests. Since his and Lola’s family know, it’s just a matter of time before they find out. Summer resists the idea – her parents are so protective. Recalling how sweet Kyle was to her when Billy took advantage of her, she knows he loves her. And her family will see it too.

Lola assures Abby that her recovery’s going great but she wasn’t sure she still had the chef’s job. Both eager to put aside Mia and Kyle’s actions they’ll channel their energy into the restaurant. Toasting with mugs of bone soup, Abby takes one sip and looks ill.

Jack thinks Kerry moving in is a bit premature – he doesn’t know her very well. She’s private, Traci assumes. No, she’s secretive – and has straight out lied to me, Jack’s saved from further discussion when Billy calls – drop whatever you’re doing – we have a serious problem.

Jack comes home wondering what’s so important. This, Billy hands him the paperwork. Apparently, Jack of Hearts is patented to a cosmetics company neither have heard of. Nope – it’s no mistake. Premier Cosmetics was recently incorporated under an unknown name. Jack’s also stunned to hear that Dominique Carol is an intern Kerry hired. Your girlfriend either got played or is in on this, Billy sums it up.

Kyle and Summer visit Nick at his place. As they chit chat, Summer wobbles but insists she’s fine. It’s no big deal. It kinda is – Kyle tells Nick that his daughter is the bravest, most generous person he knows. Nick doesn’t like the sound of this. You’ll be proud of me once you get over the shock, Summer reassures.