Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

Showing Abby a handful of glass Mrs Martinez found in her laundry hamper, Jack asks if she was in an accident. No, I meant to do it, Abby leaves him puzzled.

Having wheeled herself into Summer’s room, Lola knows she’s lying – her appendix didn’t burst. What does she want? To say thank you – and then never to see Summer again.

Ana comes downstairs to open a gift bag Devon left out for her. It’s a framed limited edition print of her Dad’s first concert. Yes, he’s cool with everything and wants to support Ana’s relationship with her Father. So, this is a bribe? Did it work? Devon grins.

Summer doesn’t understand why Lola’s upset with her. She’s not – you saved my life. Nice ring, she congratulations ‘Mrs Abbott’. Lola always knew Kyle still had feelings for Summer. It’s time for her to move on. When Kyle arrives, Lola declines his offer to wheel her back to her room – you should stay with your wife. She lingers in the hallway just long enough to hear Kyle tell Summer that Nate said she could go home.

Devon talks about reconnecting with his Father, Tucker McCall (who was responsible for him regaining his hearing) Ana just wants to help her Dad but understands why Devon might be suspicious that he’s after money (which neither she or Jet want) Devon knows she’s proud (like he is) but hopes they’ll let him help. First, by moving Jet and his nurse (Alana) into the penthouse. Ana’s not sure he’ll accept but suspects he’s hoping to make a comeback. She even had dreams that she could sing with her Father one day (he’s the stubborn one you’ll have to convince)

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At the station, Paul lectures Sharon – her betrayal can’t just be forgotten. You’re firing me? No – Paul knows she’s a valued addition to the department. As Paul heads for the door, Sharon has something else to discuss; Rey.

Rey grabs Lola’s bag and pushes her wheelchair out. As for her future, we’ll figure that out. Lola never wants to see the inside of a hospital again – let’s go.

As Kyle wheels her onto the elevator, Summer talks about her encounter with Lola. It’s time we all move on with our lives.

You don’t give up, Alana says as she opens the motel room door. Devon’s brought bear claws (Jet’s favourite) He’s also offering Mr Slade top-notch medical care, more comfortable housing and a relationship with his daughter if he’s interested. Sounds too good to be true, Jet chuckles. Ana said you’d turn me down. Smart girl, Jet exits the room.

At the front door, Summer wonders how they’ll explain her tiredness. No worries – we just got back from our honeymoon, Kyle sweeps his bride up to carry her across the threshold. Jack answers the door – how was the honeymoon? It seems like you just left, Abby comments. And never mind a nap – Mrs Martinez has prepared a spread for the newlyweds. Don’t make me drink alone, Abby hands Summer a glass of bubbly.