Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

Getting out of bed to look out the window, Vikki pulls the flyer out of the garbage.

Alarmed to wake up and see that Kyle’s not in bed, Summer grabs his phone off the nightstand and is not happy to see a photo of a smiling Lola.

At the dinner table, Mariah apologizes to Rey and announces that the charges against Tessa have been dropped. Taking Rey’s hand (which visibly disturbs Mariah) Sharon implores – be happy for me.

Jack wants to focus on the fashion division. Bring in a new hot designer, Billy and Kyle like the idea (while they look for another chemist) Hearing talk of clothes and shoes, Summer joins the meeting (to which Billy lists reasons why it’s a bad idea – we fired her Mom and she works for NE) When Jack lets Kyle decide, he thinks Summer should stay. Despite Billy’s disapproval, Jack asks Summer to sit in and share her ideas.

When Devon returns, Elana apologizes for her reaction when he asked her out. She doesn’t want things to be awkward. They agree to just go out for coffee or something casual.

As Rey clears the table, Mariah informs Sharon that she plans to ask him a few questions. So, you’re still married to Mia. Yes, but not for long. Mariah scolds him for breaking her Mom’s heart. Rey will make up for that; Sharon’s the most important woman in the world to me. Don’t let me down, Mariah warns. Given leftovers to take home to Tessa, Mariah leaves her Mom and Rey to gaze into one another’s eyes.

Much to Billy’s chagrin, Summer and Kyle do make a good team; bouncing ideas off one another. Jack learns what an ‘unboxing’ video is and even Billy’s brought around by the kids’ enthusiasm.

Vikki returns to her hotel suite with the band in tow. As selfies are taken, Brandon is pleased that ‘Ginny’ came to the show. What do you do? I’m an artist, she studied in Florence and is in Vegas hoping to get a showing. Brandon thinks that a cool story – Victoria.

On the fire escape, a pouty Tessa tells Mariah that it was a sweet gesture but her guitar was better off at the pawn shop (so someone with talent can buy it)

We are a good team, Summer and Kyle are proud of themselves when Jack and Billy thank them for the great ideas and conclude the meeting.

Brandon’s sorry – he knows what it’s like to want to be incognito, to run away. Vikki wasn’t running away, she just wanted to have fun. Let’s turn it up a notch, Brandon wants to take Vikki to a nightclub on the strip. When Vikki claims to have a business thing in the morning, Brandon clears the room. Will I ever see you again 505? Taking Vikki’s hand, he writes his number on her palm and saunters out.

Mariah gives Tessa a pep talk – try playing one of your older songs; go for it. And Tessa does.

Over wine, Rey assures Sharon that Mariah will soon see that her Mom’s in good hands. The best hands ~kiss~ And now it’s time for awkward shirt removal and the carry up to bed.

Elana entertains Devon with an ‘insane’ story. And now it’s time for bed – Uncle Jet’s an early riser. Both look smitten as she heads upstairs (though Devon looks a bit guilty)

Back in Vegas, Vikki tidies her suite and decides to call the number written on her palm.

Summer’s checking out the competition on her phone when she comes across a photo of Vikki hanging out with ‘one of the hottest bands’. Billy can’t get across the room fast enough. What the hell is Vikki doing in Vegas? This is a lot more then decompressing.