Monday, April 1st, 2019

Kyle joins Summer at CL’s full of updates; Kerry’s been working (and creating products) for Ashley. Since this happened under her watch, Phyllis was voted out as CEO.

Lauren drops by Jack’s new office to wish him well – and warn that his grudge against Ashley will result in hundreds of employees being laid off at both Jabot and Fenmore’s. Jack assures that both companies will thrive. Not sharing his confidence, Lauren wants to buy back Jabot’s stake in Fenmore’s.

Devon leads Jet and Alana to their new home – anything you need, just ask. It’ll be nice having you here. When Ana takes Alana upstairs to unpack, Devon leaves Jet to play the piano. Ana sits on the staircase to listen.

Visiting her Mom’s suite at the club, Abby makes it clear that she doesn’t want to be in the middle of a family squabble. Ashley sees no problem – Jack will have no choice but to cooperate. Without her (and her products) there is no Jabot.

Coming down to applaud her Dad’s performance, Ana agrees that Devon’s a good guy – but sometimes he gets moody and needs his space. He’s been through a lot, she agrees. Jet has too but is now thinking about making a comeback. Alana comes down as Jet’s singing – then scolds him and pours him some water. But no, the performance isn’t over – Ana tells Jet to play the song again (and impresses both with her vocals) And now it’s time for Alana to take Jet up for a rest.

Jack understands why Lauren would want her Father’s company back but Jabot divesting it’s 49% of Fenmore’s makes no sense – it’s one arm of the company that’s scheduled to make a profit this quarter. Lauren doesn’t want HER profits used for his scheme with Jabot. IF she gets the money together, Jack will revisit the matter. Slamming out, Lauren bumps into Phyllis. Hearing that Lauren doesn’t have all the money to buy the shares, Phyllis might invest – if she can run Fenmore’s with Lauren.