Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019

You can’t possibly want to again… Sharon thinks she and Rey should have some breakfast first. Both are glad he spent the night. After Sharon goes upstairs, Rey answers the door as he’s putting his shirt on. Nick doesn’t look impressed.

Thanking Lily for seeing him, Cane’s not there to sign off on the divorce. He wants to make the marriage work. Lily put a lot of thought into it and won’t change her mind. It’s not ‘this place’. Cane’s sure divorce is a mistake.

Dina’s all in a dither and doesn’t like the new furniture. This maid is no help – Traci – who watches sadly as her Mother’s sat down by Jackie and Ashley (Kyle and Summer)

Billy’s invited Rebecca Barlow to the club to discuss her helping guide Jabot in a new direction. Phyllis is no longer CEO – he and Jack will do a much better job running things. Intrigued, Rebecca would like to hear more.

Nick states the obvious – I’m interrupting. Is this a thing? Yes, Sharon informs. Both she and Rey are surprised when Nick offers her a job.

Traci’s on the phone with Jack – come home; Dina’s really struggling this morning. Meanwhile, Summer (especially) and Kyle (as Ashley and Jackie) continue to do a good job calming Dina down. Yes, my sister is very insightful, ‘Jackie’ agrees.

Lily does believe that Cane’s torn up inside over hurting her (by kissing Vikki) – but she’s heard this speech before and doesn’t believe their problems can be fixed. The kids? The twins are mature enough to handle this. And Sam? Lily loves him like he’s her own – he’ll always be part of her life – but he’s also a product of your affair – part of history they can no longer run away from.

Seated at the club, Billy makes his pitch to Rebecca – Perfumes and cosmetics will always be their ‘bedrock’ but Jabot wants to branch out into fashion; to find up and coming designers before the big chains do. Liking a challenge, Rebecca agrees to a 6-month consulting contract. Shaking hands, the flirtatious pair look forward to doing business and having fun. Rebecca then informs that she’s staying in GC for a few days to explore the town. Don’t get into too much trouble, Billy quips. Now, where’s the fun in that? Rebecca sashays away.