Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

Vikki looks down at the bright Las Vegas lights from her hotel window. She sighs as she reads a text from Billy – Hope you’re all right. Miss you.

At home, Jack’s all business while Billy’s distracted – worried about Vikki; knowing she’s not away on business. She’s probably at a spa, Jack gets back to business. Since Ashey’s taken off with all Jabot’s products they’ll need a plan – fast.

Elana joins Devon as he’s listening to some demos. She’s never seen Jet sleep so well – the beds are so comfortable. She’s sorry to mention Hilary. No worries – Devon asks her to hang out – he could use some company.

Sharon’s invited Rey to her place for dinner – since their afternoon date went so well. He likes the way she thinks.

In the bedroom, Summer’s eager to do what newlyweds do. Kyle seems reluctant at first but soon gets into it.

Mariah surprises Tessa at CL’s – she bought her guitar at the pawn shop. Tessa doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Sing, Mariah misses hearing her. Let’s go home and let the magic happen. Worried that she’s rusty, Tessa would rather practice a bit before playing for Mariah (who sends her off with a kiss)

Over wine, Rey and Sharon’s only problem is making it through dinner (before they hit the sheets) Rey makes no promises.

As Summer snoozes, Kyle extracts his arm and looks at his phone. Seeing that Lola still hasn’t replied to his text, Kyle looks at a photo of her and sneaks out of bed.

A guy named Brandon Rose comes knocking on Vikki’s door (looking for someone else) When she threatens to call security, he slides a flyer under the door. His band, the Bloody Thorns, is playing tonight. Come to the show. You won’t be sorry. Through the peephole, Vikki watches him leave and throws the flyer away.

Jack suddenly has an idea – a shift of priorities. Kyle and Billy look intrigued.

In bed, Vikki ends a call with the kids (and hears that their Dad isn’t there) As soon as she turns the light off, flashbacks of that night at the cabin make Vikki jump up and turn it back on.

Interrupting Sharon and Rey, Mariah invites herself to stay for dinner. The more the merrier, Sharon forces a smile.

On the fire escape, Tessa seems to have singers block. Putting her guitar down, something below catches her attention.

Elana and Devon get to know one another. She loves taking care of Jet but wishes she could go out once in a while. Inviting her out, Devon makes things awkward. Retracting the invitation, he excuses himself to take a call.