Thursday, April 4th, 2019

Phyllis is at the Abbott home. Since Summer’s asleep, she instead gets attitude from Jack and Billy (who’s pissed that Vikki’s not home with the people who love her) Phyllis understands Vikki needing a break from all this charm. Grow up and respect that.

Brandon saw ‘Jenny’s’ Dad at a high stakes poker game recently. Oh wait – he wasn’t playing – he was talking to some guy. Vikki puts her questions aside – it’s no big deal. Whatever you say Jenny, Brandon captivates her with his own fake identity.

Traci’s known Lily for a long time. She also knows that there’s a reason Cane kissed Vikki – twice. You set yourself on this path. But there must be another reason Lily’s choosing her path. She won’t be the same woman she was before prison. Cane vows he’ll still love her. We’ve overcome everything else. Traci wonders if something’s changed in Cane that he’s not willing to admit.

Yes, Cane’s changed – he’s a single Dad trying to keep his family and a company together. Lily wants to move away when she’s released. It’s more than scary – it’s terrifying. With Lily gone and the twins going to college, it’ll just be him and Sam. Traci gives Cane more tough love – Lily knows what she needs. What are you fighting for, really?

Still at the bar, Nick flirts with Rebecca. He may have rejected her the first time they met but seems eager to rectify that.

Phyllis tells Jack that she told Vikki the truth – Billy turned to her AFTER she rejected him. My life is sewage (she’s pissed that Nick’s with Rebecca right now and furious that she got fired for being fooled by Kerry – you got hired! She then goes back to being fooled by a man Victor put in her bed. No one understands that kind of betrayal – except you (Jack)

At Nick’s place, Rebecca hears the story behind the Underground above his bar. His new passion is DarkHorse. After more flirting, they kiss – and more.

Phyllis thinks Jack’s the bigger screw up for losing the old patents to Ashley (due to the blood Abbott clause) She’s also not happy to hear that Jack plans to hire Summer. Phyllis wants a second chance too – let Fenmore’s go (so she can run it with Lauren)