Thursday, April 4th, 2019

Cane may be sober but Traci knows he’s not ‘fine’. She then hears why he hates Billy – he told her about Vikki and me.

Billy calls Vikki – who finally admits she’s not on a work trip. She just needed some time alone to sit around and do nothing. Billy then announces that he saw a photo of her partying with a band in Vegas.

Vikki downplays having a drink with Brandon. She’s in Vegas for the spas – and lack of clocks. Annoyed that she has to defend herself, Vikki quickly gets off the phone when Brandon starts singing outside her door (which Billy hears) Invite me in, Brandon cajoles.

Seated at the club, Mike’s still not cool with the choices Phyllis made (but knows she did what she thought she had to do) After whining about Jack, Billy and Kerry, Phyllis mentions Lauren. Nick and Rebecca arrive and take a seat at the bar. Fixated on one another, neither care that Phyllis is staring at them; jaw on the floor.

Phyllis mocks Nick – he’s skywriting across the sky – I’ve moved on loser. When Nick laughs with Rebecca, Phyllis wonders if he was always so smug. Mike won’t let her go over. Impulse can be your friend. OK, Phyllis has to leave. Ignoring Mike’s advice, she stops by the bar to say a polite hello (which is a reaction that concerns Nick)

Traci’s furious to hear that Billy went to the prison to tattle to Lily that Cane kissed Vikki (which Traci doesn’t see as a huge deal – there must be something more to it)

Over drinks in Vikki’s suite, Brandon gives her VIP tickets to his next gig. How many of these do you give out? she teases. Not wanting to talk about the trial, Vikki insists he call her Jenny, or go. Brandon clinks her glass in agreement.