Friday, April 5th, 2019

Billy barges into Vikki’s suite to scold her for answering the door so scantily clad – who did you think forgot something???

Sharon confronts Rey with the ultrasound photo. When were you going to tell me about baby Rosales?

On the fire escape, songbird Tessa makes a breakthrough and shouts out to Mariah – come out here! The magic is back.

Is this real or is your wife playing games with me? Both, Rey admits – he’s sorry. Things are complicated. That’s what Mia does – stirs up trouble. He’s not even sure the baby’s his. Sharon realizes – it might be Arturo’s. But Rey still should have told her. Why did he remain silent? Rey wanted to be happy with Sharon as long as he could. Sorry. What are you going to do if the baby’s yours? Sharon has to asks.

Rey wants to be with Sharon – and will take care of this baby if it’s his (but not with Mia) He’ll co-parent like she and Nick. I want a life with you. Rey feels nothing for Mia and will deal with her. No, Sharon will – this ends NOW, she marches out. Rey’s left to look at the ultrasound photo.

In a suite at the club, Mia’s putting make up on her new BFF’s face. The pregnant woman comments that she lost her first sonogram photo. Mia announces that she’s pregnant too. When Sharon calls, she eagerly agrees to meet up. ‘We’ll’ be there – since I’m speaking for two now.

No time for spellcheck or proofreading today folks.

Bily continues to grill Vikki on who left what in her room. Yes, the kids are home alone – playing with matches, he’s sarcastic (they’re with Hannah) He flew to Vegas to make sure Vikki’s OK. Thanks – now leave, she orders before marching off to take a shower. Billy’s left to read the note to ‘Jeni’ (about her ‘wild side’) He’s not happy about it.

Coming out in her robe, Vikki’s confronted with the note Brandon left behind. Yes, she hooked up with a random guy – because she’s single. These things happen. She had fun in Vegas like people do when they have a second chance (and don’t go to prison) She just wanted to forget everything – why is Billy here judging her? Just go. Or I will. Billy grabs her arms – why do you keep running away from me? Vikki doesn’t know. They lock eyes as there’s a knock at the door.

On the fire escape, Mariah loves Tessa’s new song. The magic IS back – you’re a genius. Let’s call Devon – he needs to hear this. No, he fired me – twice, Tessa reminds. Mariah insists – I’ll dial – you play. Exchanging I love you’s, Mariah calls Devon – how would you like to hear something that will rock your world?

Here I am, Mia joins Sharon on the patio – confident that Rey will come back to her. Sharon warns Mia to stay off her property. You’ve been off and on MY property, Mia has the wedding ring to prove it. Back and forth they go with talk of each other’s past. Mia scoffs at the idea that Rey loves Sharon – you won’t exist the minute this baby is born and you know it.