Friday, April 5th, 2019

Mariah plays the song she recorded of Tessa. Devon likes it. A lot. Yes, Mariah raves about how talented Tessa is. Devon doesn’t question her talent – she’s lied to me. Mariah continues her pitch by challenging him to take a risk. Things will be different this time. Devon will think about it. Hanging up, Mariah’s rewarded with a grateful thank you hug.

Sharon and Mia continue to taunt one another. The argument escalating, Mia claims that Rey wants excitement and passion – not meatloaf and mashed potatoes then bed by 9. When she gasps and doubles over in pain, Sharon calls Rey and hands the phone to Mia. Ordered to go to the hospital, she has little choice when Sharon helps her out.

When Ana comes home, Devon tells her that Tessa wrote a song that has potential in the right hands. Don’t thank me yet – Tessa’s a wild card.

Billy admits that his ego’s taken a hit – seems he’s not the only one who can make her cut loose. Vikki thinks him a drama magnet. You’re reckless and irresponsible – and have broken my heart too many times. Billy can’t deny that. Both opening up, Vikki doesn’t trust her own judgment. Billy feels that the difference they just talked about balance each other out – we make each other better.

Yes, Mia’s pain has subsided. Good but the doctor has questions about her pregnancy. This woman isn’t my friend, she has to go. After Sharon leaves, Mia insists it was just heartburn and looks uncomfortable when the doctor insists on checking her and the baby out. In the hallway, Rey quickly thanks Sharon then rushes to Mia’s side. Thank God! Mia greets him. Watching through the glass, Sharon looks and feels like an outsider.

We don’t make each other better, we make each other crazy, Vikki can’t believe that Billy wants to get back together. It makes no sense. It does. Billy will give Vikki a life she doesn’t want to run away from ~kiss~

Ana meets Mariah and Tessa at CL’s (which is closed) This is where she was first discovered. Ana takes a seat – she’d like to hear Tessa sing. This is because of you, Tessa thanks Mariah.

Over her protests, Mia lays back for an ultrasound that both Rey and the doctor insist on – then is surprised to learn that she is indeed pregnant.

Vikki’s phone interrupts her and Billy’s kiss. It’s Brandon telling her about a poker game. Maybe ‘Big Vic’ will be there. There’s something weird going on with my Dad, a puzzled Vikki informs.

The doctor’s happy to report that the baby’s fine – it was just cramps. Asking Rey to leave, Mia has questions for the doctor. She wasn’t sure she was pregnant – I used birth control. Hearing she’s 12 weeks along, she blurts out oh my God.

In the hallway, a shellshocked Rey now faces reality – Mia’s pregnant, but is he or Arturo the Father? We’ll go through it step by step, together, Sharon’s supportive.

Mariah and Ana are both mesmerized by Tessa’s heartfelt song….. As Sharon hugs Rey in the hallway, she watches Mia rub her belly. Mia looks out at them.