Monday, April 8th, 2019

Summoned to CL’s by Phyllis, Lola knows this isn’t about a catering job – you want to know if I’m a threat to Kyle and Summer’s marriage.

On the CL’s patio, Paul looks at photos of Lola’s crime scene; the earring, the footprint – and frowns suspiciously at Phyllis (with Lola)

At the club, Mia tears up over the sonogram photo – my baby.

Rey leaves a message for Arturo – we need to talk about Mia – call me back. Paul then buzzes up – he has unfinished business to discuss.

Having already talked to Billy, Jack’s gathered Kyle, Traci, Kyle and Summer to the house to discuss the plan for Jabot. They all examine the basket of My Beauty products that Ashley left behind (products that were or should have been Jabot’s) Jack’s idea is Jabot Collective – a unique, customized experience (targetted to social media/bloggers) Traci has serious doubts about this.

Traci thinks it a mistake to focus on the fashion division when Lauren clearly wants to regain control of Fenmore’s. Do what’s best for the company – not what bests Ashley. Competition breeds innovation, Jack’s run the numbers. Kyle agrees and guesses Billy does too. It’s the right move, Jack’s sure. Summer thinks they should go green whenever possible. When Kyle agrees, Jack likes the way they work together – so much that he wants her to leave NE and join the team.

Instructed to get to the point, Phyllis worries that Summer only donated part of her liver so Kyle would marry her. The longer this one-sided marriage continues, the worse Summer will be hurt. Knowing Kyle loves Lola, Phyllis wants to take her daughter away for a few days.

Back at the apartment, Paul blasts Rey for betraying him. Rey stands by what he did – saving three innocent women from prison. He had to make things right. Paul offers Rey an opportunity to earn back his trust – by solving a case – this one.

Paul thinks no one would have more motive to catch Lola’s attacker than her brother. The suspect is a woman, Paul notes the earring and footprint (photos of evidence Rey looks at on a tablet) Lola was wearing Abby’s coat – she may be been the target. About that – there’s something you should know, Rey replies.

Back at CL’s, Phyllis is sure Kyle loves Lola (who disagrees – their marriage isn’t platonic) Yes, but he doesn’t look at Summer the same way he looks at Lola. To protect Summer, Phyllis needs everyone involved in this triangle to get a grip on reality. She leaves implying that Lola should make the best of her second chance at life.