Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

On the rooftop, Lola is very impressed – but the Mojito Kyle mixes needs more rum.

Summer comes to her Dad’s place – it’s over, she cries in Nick’s embrace.

In the living room, Jack’s alarmed when Dina ignores him – ‘Mother?’ and ‘Dina?’ She doesn’t even look up as she fidgets with her bracelet.

At home, Sharon updates Rey on her encounter with Mia – I told her that I know what she did to Lola. Rey’s only concern is Sharon’s safety. I’m tougher than I look, she assures. Rey doesn’t want her to come to Vegas – it could be dangerous. He doesn’t want her caught in the crossfire.

Victor’s in a psychiatrists’ office – how could you lose track of him? You wanted too much too soon, his brain can’t handle it, the doctor claims. Victor knows what ‘he’ can handle (which is apparently more than the doctor) We need to find him and fix this.

A beach scene projected onto a sheet on the wall, Kyle and Lola sit on a blanket. Unpacking a picnic basket, Kyle offers food. Lola would rather star gaze. Our star will always be there. And I will always be here for you, Kyle pledges.

Summer whines to her Dad – I’m a chore Kyle doesn’t want to do anymore. Maybe this is what I deserve. No, he manipulated you to get what he wanted, Nick corrects. Summer believes the love between her and Kyle is real but must now let him go (and no, she doesn’t want her Dad to go after him)

Sharon refuses to be left behind – she can help Rey with his investigation. She loves Rey and isn’t afraid of walking into danger. Shown the bill indicating that Victor’s seeing a psychiatrist, she boasts that she speaks his language (so is even more convinced she can help Rey)

Victor’s brought a briefcase of cash, for the doctor’s silence, not his shoddy services. When the doctor stammers in protest, Victor challenges – want me to walk out with this briefcase? Didn’t think so, he chuckles. Terrified by Victor’s not so subtle threats, the doctor is left looking scared.