Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

Vikki doesn’t care whether Adam faked his amnesia – and it doesn’t really matter anymore (now that he remembers). Adam missed ‘this’ (presumably the verbal sparring) Why are you here? Vikki wants to know his agenda – what do you want?

Having placed flowers at Delia’s grave, Billy sits on a bench to update her on Johnny and Katie (she reminds me of you) Adam’s back ‘Dee’ – and so is all my rage. Him being back in town is a slap in the face to your memory.

Listening to Jet’s performance at the opening of Society, Devon’s tempted to release it as a single just the way it is. Jet enjoyed himself so much that he now wants to go on the road. Great idea – Devon suggests they record the tour. Elena comes downstairs to scold – I can’t leave you two alone for one minute without you cooking something up.

Sharon hopes Rey’s ready for this. He’s handled hardened criminals so feels that a pre-teen girl is ‘a piece of cake’. Faith comes downstairs with hopes she’ll be dropped off to meet her friends. No, the three of us are going to the park, Sharon informs. OK, pressure’s on to impress me, Faith quips to Rey. I’ll do my best, he says as they file out.

At CL’s, Kyle and Lola are looking online for apartments. To get something they like, they’ll have to up the budget or sign a longer lease (which doesn’t bother Kyle at all) Let’s raise the budget by a third. Lola wants to sav, but no, she won’t let Kyle cover the extra – let’s go up $500.

Billy’s not at NE to see Vikki – he’s there to talk to Victor about Adam. Why’d you bring him back? He’s my son, Victor states the obvious. Billy will never forgive Adam – Delia should be here; Adam should be crawling around back alleys in Vegas like the cockroach he is. Victor won’t turn his back on his son. Why not? You’ve done it before (and feel guilty) You finally grow a conscience and we all have to live with it.

Hmmm – what do I want, Adam muses. Do I want something you have and want to keep for yourself? Vikki’s not threatened by Adam. Good – I’m not your enemy, he assures. Why come back? What did Dad promise you? Adam doesn’t know Victor’s agenda – only his own (which he’d like to talk about with her and Nick – together)

Lola’s dream place? A gourmet kitchen like Rey’s. Neither thinks Kyle moving in there a good idea.