Monday, May 20th, 2019

You just came out of surgery – you’ll be alright – do you remember anything? Victor asks Adam (like who shot you?)

In Jack’s office, Lauren’s pimping out Fenmore’s regional manager from Chicago; Claire. As the trio head off to Society for dinner, Lauren pauses briefly to send a text – Operation Jack headed your way.

On the CL’s patio, Nick gripes to Vikki about Dad bringing Adam over to meet Christian. He didn’t get what he wanted; recognition, she’s supportive – you are Christian’s legal Father. First he used Sharon, now Christian, Nick fears it’ll only get worse.

Adam was on his way out and didn’t see who shot him. Protective Papa Victor has posted a security guard outside his room – only those we know and trust can visit. That’s a short list, Adam scoffs. He now remembers – ‘all of it’.

Back on the patio, Vikki updates Nick that Dad plans to reinstate Adam at NE – he didn’t even bother to mention it to his COO; Adam was the one who told her. Dad would do anything to keep Adam in GC. It’s like he doesn’t see himself in us. Adam’s the only one as ‘dark’ and vicious as he is.

Adam knew Victor was his Dad because he’d read it (and you told me) All of his memories coming back at once was like being shot again. Do you remember anything positive? Victor asks. Adam remembers his Mother – what would she think of me? And you don’t have to pretend to like Sharon anymore. Victor thinks she’s come a long way and is just happy to have Adam back. Rest now – I’ll find out who did this. As soon as Victor leaves, Adam opens his eyes and rolls them.

At Society, Jack and Claire continue to chat animatedly as Lauren leans back, arms folded, looking mighty pleased with herself. On cue, Mike appears – he’s due in court and needs her to oversee plumbing repairs at home. Recommending a dish for Jack and Claire to try, Mike follows Lauren out – looks like they bought it.

Adam’s delighted when Sharon arrives. Taking his hand, she expresses how scared she was and guilty she feelsfor bringing him back to town. Memory restored, Adam now appreciates what it took for Sharon to come to Vegas. He’s in tears as he marvels that she was able to forgive all he’s done to her. I’m so sorry.