Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Cane’s at CL’s when Traci calls to wish him good luck on his new job. Helping to reintegrate newly released prisoners into society is such a good cause. She’ll be busy writing today – his idea inspired her. Hanging up, Cane meets his first client, Dave.

At home, a smiling Traci types out the scene that plays behind her in black and white. Flynn’s case (finding a heart-shaped family heirloom locket for his ex) has taken a strange twist. Tell me the details and we’ll solve it together just like we always do, Traci/Velma chirps brightly.

Up for a visitor? Jack can’t believe his eyes. And Adam’s happy to see Jack too. Your first day back in town and you managed to get shot – Jack hopes the shooter is caught quickly. What are your plans? he sits to ask the same question everyone else has.

Nate finds Abby cutting garnishes for a bartender who’s late. She’s feeling just great – her cheating ex has moved to Miami with his pregnant girlfriend. Her back-from-the-dead brother was shot. He’ll recover (to cause who knows what havoc) Becoming increasingly agitated, Abby angrily hacks at celery until she cuts her finger.

At the hospital, Jack’s not surprised to hear that Victor wants Adam to stick around. He’s glad to have you back and wants to atone for mistakes he made (whether or not it’s in Adam’s best interests) Adam leans forward to whisper – you might be the one person who can help me figure out what’s going on.

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Flynn searched the apartment looking for clues that might lead to the locket’s whereabouts. He found a note saying ‘got a light?’ It felt like it was left there for me to find. ‘Velma’ holds the note over a lightbulb – it’s that special ink you can only see after it’s hot. Here’s an address you might want to visit. You’re a genius! Flynn hugs Velma. Traci’s fantasy world evaporates when a distressed Dina comes down – she couldn’t find a bathroom. I don’t know where I am. I’m lost, she weeps. I just want to go home.

Victor was all about getting me home. Guess where our first stop was? NE, Jack correctly guesses – Victor’s predictable. Why does he want me back at NE? His other kids didn’t meet his high expectations? Jack confides that Nick had a falling out with his Dad and started Dark Horse. Abby felt undervalued and opened Society. Vikki is ever faithful to the company but Victor’s as quick to dismiss her as to compliment her. He sees you as the heir apparent – the golden child. Or someone to pit against Vikki. Jack advises Adam not to get drawn in – start a new life. Getting no info on Adam’s plans, Jack’s nonetheless glad to have his friend back. Yes, the amnesia was real, Adam swears. Called away by a frantic call from Traci, Jack shakes Adam’s hand – great to see you my friend.

Paul visits Adam to say they have the shooter in custody.