Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

Both getting a text from Adam, Vikki arrives at Dark Horse. What do you think he wants? He has an agenda but claims he’s changed. Maybe he wants to be a family again. Nick doubts that – be prepared for anything,

In the tackhouse, Adam crushes his phone beneath his shoe and throws it out. Putting a new phone in his pocket, he bumps into Sharon as he’s on his way out the front door. Seeing him double over in pain, Sharon asks what she can do. Stop breathing down my neck, Adam continues giving her the cold shoulder. Lots of people are concerned about you, Sharon knows something’s wrong and wants to know what it is.

At CL’s, Lola wants an apartment like the last one they saw – but in a less ‘hip’ neighbourhood. Kyle jokes – something in the assisted-living section of town? After long nights at Society, Lola just wants peace. Kyle’s sure they’ll find a place ~kiss~ On cue, Rey comes along to announce that he’s moving in with Sharon. The apartment’s all yours, he puts the keys on the counter.

What’s wrong? Sharon fusses. Adam has an appointment. What kind? The kind that doesn’t concern you, he snaps. I can drive you to the hospital, Sharon clings. I’m late – you’ve already gone above and beyond. Forcing himself to sound polite, Adam clearly wants to be rid of Sharon. There’s a lot to deal with but I can handle it, he assures. Playing shrink, Sharon pressures Adam to confide in her. You have your own life, Adam points out – and Rey seems like a stand-up guy – hang on to that. You deserve only the best. I gotta head out, he shuts the door and leaves Sharon looking bewildered.

Mariah quickly becomes uncomfortable with a strange guy on the CL’s patio. You have no idea who I am – we never met face to face, he says – I sent you lots of letters. Maybe Mariah didn’t read them but he knows for a fact that she sure as hell got his note. The brick through the window, Mariah realizes. Let’s sit down and have a talk, Jaren orders.

This is fantastic news, Lola gives Rey a hug. She’s thrilled that he’s moving in with Sharon and that she and Kyle have a perfect apartment. With hugs and kind words for Lola and Kyle, Rey says, I’d do anything for this girl. Kyle would too. Let’s go get your stuff! Lola’s excited. But first a kiss.

At the penthouse, Tessa removes her headphones. She’s speechless (and obviously not as excited) about the way Ana’s revamped her song. This sound will take you to the top of the charts, Ana sounds convinced (Tessa, not so much) Now we gotta ‘style you up’. Ignoring Tessa’s weakly expressed concern, Ana goes up to get some outfits she’s sure she’ll love.

When Adam meets Vikki and Nick at Dark Horse, they express scepticism over his miraculous recovery and how quick and convenient that the shooter confessed. Adam spells out Victor’s agenda – he wants me back at Newman. I sense he’s disappointed in you two so wants to groom me to take over. No, Adam’s not there to gloat. You (Nick and Vikki) deserve to know the truth; Victor doesn’t value you. You’ve told us what Dad wants – now what do YOU want? Vikki asks.