Monday, June 24th, 2019

Back at the apartment, Elena doesn’t need an apology from Devon – and he needn’t feel embarrassed. Devon insists Neil’s dedication brought on his panic attack but Elena knows it’s Hilary. She won’t let you go. She asks Devon to be honest about his feelings about Hillary. His phone ringing, Devon assures her all is fine and takes his call.

No congratulations? Phyllis is the new CEO of Dark Horse. She’s on top and staying there. Sure, she doesn’t know much about real estate but Nick’s treated her like garbage since she testified against the other women (which she won’t apologize for) Mike’s angry – since when are you OK with Adam taking custody of Christian? Phyllis has taken a hard look – and she likes the view (out her office window)

Victor looks weak and winded as he punches the hard bag. What are you doing here? I told you to get off the ranch, he grunts. Adam came by to see how Victor’s doing.

Strolling through the park, Nikki’s pleased that Nick and his Dad have made amends. Nick’s never seen his Dad so vulnerable – he’s worried; getting his affairs in order.

Adam wasn’t able to get any info from Nate. Are the treatments working? Recovery will take a long time, Victor continues his workout. Adam heard Vikki was named CEO – she earned it. I hope for both your sakes you let her see what she can do. Victor chuckles at the thought that Adam’s genuinely concerned about the family. Adam claims to be the only one facing reality – has his Dad thought about what would happen to the family if he dies?

Elena’s brought out the dresses Devon gave her (that belonged to Hilary) We can’t ignore the truth. What truth? There’s another person in this relationship.

Still on the patio, Ana and Nate discuss Devon. He has pictures of her everywhere – her perfume’s in the bathroom. He’s letting things get serious with Elena while letting her live in a shrine to Hilary.

Elena tried to convince herself that it wasn’t weird that Devon gave her Hilary’s dresses. You have photos and her personal items everywhere. Yes, Devon’s been honest about his feelings. Elena wants him to grieve. She was caught up in her own feelings. Devon shares those feelings. We shouldn’t have slept together – it was too soon, Elean can’t compete. Devon doesn’t want her to. You’re not over Hilary, Elena raises her voice – she respects that. But respect my feelings too (she goes upstairs to let Devon think)

In the park, Nikki vows that she will focus all her energy on Victor’s recovery. She understands the risks and will keep his condition a secret. It’s her turn to be HIS protector. Nick wants his Mom to face reality.

The family will fall apart if you kick it, Adam believes. But not you huh? Victor has Adam hold the bag. He recognizes Adam’s look; your game look – you’ve always had someone do the heavy lifting. Remember when you and Jack conspired to frame me for murder!? That was a long time ago, Adam replies. Remember Chance Chancellor? You think I wouldn’t find out? Victor’s on top of things. I’m in control, he warns. Good talk, Dad, Adam leaves Victor chuckling – you have a lot to learn, son. But throwing a few more punches, he looks weak and unsteady.