Friday, June 21st, 2019

Vikki implores Nick to team up with her to get rid of Adam. We can do this. She wants to make things right between them – and can give her full backing as CEO (if Nick comes to work at NE) She gets it – you think I put my ambition before our relationship. Can you deny there’s truth to that? Nick asks.

Adam guesses Phyllis heard all sorts of rumours about ‘Spider’ in Vegas – his favourite is that he’s on the run from a doomsday cult. Phyllis laughs – hilarious. He bets she shared a lot of laughs with Reesa. Adam knows she likes messing with people. Oh, but Phyllis learned verified facts. It’s weird that Adam went unrecognized for years – no one made the connection to GC royalty; Chance Chancellor – or does he go by Phillip IV?

At the apartment, Mariah’s finished Tessa’s debut video (except for a few technical adjustments) It’s exactly what she envisioned; not rehearsed – improvised. When it goes viral, Tessa’s life will change ~kiss~

Yes, Devon’s medication is kicking in, his heart’s slowing down. It hasn’t happened in a while. You’ve been under a lot of stress, Elana recites a list. No, it’s Hilary – she won’t let go, Devon claims.

What does Vikki have to do to make amends? She’s offering Nick a position to go against Adam; push him to his limits. She never suspected he’d use her money to go after Nick. But what did he accomplish? If you want Dark Horse back we’ll make that happen. Adam’s MO is every man for himself – but the Newman’s strength is coming together in a crisis. Vikki won’t let Adam take Christian away – Nick doesn’t have to work with her at NE but he must trust her.

Phyllis wonders what to do with this information. She knows Adam wants to keep his connection to Chance a secret – something shady is going on, she just knows it. You don’t want your family to find out – but they will. Who will benefit the most? Phyllis lists the Newmans who might want her info. You paid me millions to hack into Dark Horse – then kidnapped me (your business partner) and threw her in a dark cellar. When I tell the Newmans about your connection to Chance, it won’t be about money, it’ll be about payback, Phyllis warns.

Devon gulps from the glass of water Elena gives him. He’d rather not talk about what just happened – he has a hard enough time opening up to the psychiatrist. Devon does confide that he still senses Hilary. She doesn’t understand that he wants to move on. I’m OK, Devon abruptly ends the discussion by going up for a shower (leaving Elena looking worried)

Over beers, Nick confides that he felt everyone was conspiring against him. He’s surprised to hear that Dad admitted he should have named Vikki as CEO all along and thinks it good that he realizes that he made a mistake with Adam. Yes, it must be rough to know you have a son who’s a complete moral failure. But hold on – Nick didn’t agree to come back to NE (and he won’t)