Monday, June 24th, 2019

Phyllis barges into Nick’s place. No welcome back? – where you been? What do you want? Nick folds his arms. Phyllis knows he was worried while she was off clearing her head. Yeah, for Summer – Nick knows she hacked into Dark Horse servers for Adam – who then acquired his company – to take Christian. You don’t give a damn about anybody but yourself. Phyllis denies she’d ever do anything to hurt Christian. Nick will never believe Phyllis – get out of my house.

Kevin barges into Adam’s penthouse – who did you blackmail to get this place back? Do you still have that secret passageway? Is that where you’re hiding Chloe? Adam won’t give Kevin any info until he completes his next mission; make Nick look like an unfit parent.

At the penthouse, Devon’s annoyed that Ana talked to Elena about his panic attack (and is fussing over him) I stopped taking my medication, he announces.

Kevin won’t help Aam take Nick’s kid away from him (after destroying Chloe’s life) She’s tried to kill me several times over an accident, Adam points out. Her name is Delia – when Kevin agrees to find out what he can on Nick, Adam hands over passwords to Nick’s accounts. He’s sure there’s proof out there that Nick’s not the perfect Father he pretends to be.

In his office, Victor asks for the truth. Nate admits that his treatment has hit a plateau; no improvement for several weeks. Nikki’s looked into other options – new drugs/clinical trials. Nate’s been looking into it too. There’s a new protocol that’s aggressive. Before we start Victor needs to know that there’s significant side effects.

Phyllis drops by Adam’s penthouse – I gave you the info to take Nick’s company and you locked me in a basement. Adam had no reason to keep her hostage. Phyllis again teases the info she has on Adam – work on your poker face. Cool and calm on the outside, storm brewing on the inside. No, Phyllis doesn’t care what people think of her – and she’s definitely taking the job. But that edge – it cuts both ways, she warns.

At Dark Horse, Kevin types away on a laptop.

Nick got to Victor’s office as soon as he could – what’s up? The treatment Victor’s taking is no longer working. What’s next? An experimental drug. There’s risks – Victor won’t involve the rest of the family just yet but he needs his son’s advice; weighing the pros and cons. The side effects are ‘diminished mental capacity’.

Why stop taking medication that’s working? Ana wonders. It was numbing all my emotions, Devon feels that taking meds is a sign of weakness. Hilary had nothing to do with last night’s attack – it was an isolated incident, Devon assures that he has it all under control. Ana looks unconvinced.

Back at NE, Nick understands his Dad’s hesitation. Victor doesn’t relish not being in control. After JT attacked him, Victor was not expected to walk or talk again. And you did, Nikki and Nick point out – you can handle not being in control for a while. Nikki will be beside Victor every step of the way. Nick talks about how Christian needs him. Some of Victor’s greatest accomplishments have come at great risk. Yes, he’ll call the doctor tomorrow.

At CL’s, Kevin updates Mike that Adam wants dirt on someone that will blow up a lot of lives – and he’s found it – it’s bad. He and Bella need Chloe back. Mike warns that Adam will keep wanting more. He must make good on his threat and won’t let Adam bully his little brother. Kevin’s to stall Adam while Mike comes up with a plan.

Nate and Adam chat at CL’s. He’ll find a new apartment – GC is his home. And no, he doesn’t feel roped into helping Victor – Nate’s glad to help (but can’t give Adam any info) Victor Newman’s not immortal? Adam concludes. Ana arrives to tell Nate that she’s worried about Devon.

Elena comes home to tell Devon that her new job’s going well. Devon claims to be doing well too – he had a good night’s sleep and wants to talk about a relaxing getaway. We need to talk about what happened last night, Elena pushes.

Mike’s surprised to find Phyllis sitting behind Nick’s old desk at Dark Horse. He’s looking for Adam but first, how is Phyllis? She decided to go off the grid to recharge her batteries but still has unfinished business. She doesn’t own Dark Horse – Adam hired her to run it.

On the CL’s patio with Nate, Ana doesn’t want to betray Devon’s trust but is worried about him quitting his medication. He claims his panic attack was caused by Neil’s dedication but Elena implied he’s not over Hilary’s death.