Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

Having closed the restaurant to throw Lola the best shower ever, Abby instructs her to wear a ‘laid-back dress’ – tonight will be full of surprises.

At Jabot, Summer’s on the phone arranging a photo shoot with Natalia. Pausing outside Jack’s office, she hears Kyle and his Dad gushing about Lola; Abby’s throwing her a bridal shower tonight. Summer marches off in a huff.

Traci’s fingers clackity-clack on her keyboard as a black and white scene plays out in the background. Flynn tells Iris ‘it’s the end of the line for you sweetheart’.

Jack’s surprised when Phyllis appears in his office with a gift basket. Summer was worried about you, he chides. Phyllis is here to congratulate Jack on the rollout of Jabot Collective. Wanna tell me why you’re really here? Jack’s no buying it.

No, Flynn’s not drinking – he’s clear as a bell. This locket is a red herring and he knows Iris is a killer. When Iris pulls out a gun, Flynn wrestles it from her. Both manage to get shot and are laying on the carpet when Velma comes in shouting ‘Flynn!’ – don’t die on me ya big lug! As sirens can be heard approaching, they kiss. The End, Traci smiles with satisfaction.

Kyle thinks Lola looks stunning for her shower tonight. She’s distracted as he rattles on about a photographer and flowers. Apologizing, Lola gives Kyle her full attention. She thinks three bands a great idea. I love you so much. Lola’s goodbye kiss is an extended one.

Phyllis doesn’t want anything – she’s brought a gift basket with all Jack’s favourite. Reminded of her recent actions, Phyllis admits she hit rock bottom – where opportunity found her. Get to the point – Jack has a company to run. So do I, Phyllis drops the bomb that she’s the new CEO of Dark Horse. I accepted Adam’s offer. Jack doesn’t know what to say. A lot of words come to mind; congratulations isn’t one of them.

Phyllis is surprised that Jack’s at a loss for words. OK – how could you? Jack’s offended for Nick’s sake – have you no loyalty? Oh, please – Phyllis only gets judgement and attitude from Nick. You always say don’t take business personally, she reminds. Yes, Adam IS Jack’s friend – but he’s not blind to his dark side.

Theo drops by Kyle’s for a beer. Summer’s a great girl, he’s not sure why Kyle let her go but is glad he did. I’m in love with Lola, Kyle wonders why Theo’s not with Summer tonight. She’s busy so Theo will have to make do with Kyle (who’s not as cute)

The ‘woman of the hour’ walks into a decorated Society to a smattering of applause from a half dozen guests. Abby’s glad Kyle left the bridal shower to her. Come in gentlemen. A parade of bare-chested men strut in with trays of food and drinks. Ana’s liking this shower already. I have eyes! Tessa tells Mariah when caught ogling the men. Uh oh – here’s Summer. Hey everybody – bad timing? The crowd is silent.

What do you think you’re doing? Abby’s the first to speak. Summer’s there for dinner – this is a restaurant, right? Tessa and Mariah point out that there’s a sign announcing ‘closed for private party’. Why would you want to be where you’re not wanted? Abby asks. Lola invites Summer to stay. Yes, she’s sure. Summer saved my life. Least I could do is offer cocktails and canapes. Thanks, that’s generous of you, Summer’s sarcastic. After Lola rejoins her guests, Abby will follow her lead and be the bigger person – but make trouble and you’re out of here.

Phyllis wants to let bygones be bygones – forgiveness is good for the soul. I forgive you, Jack Abbott. YOU forgive HIM? Lauren arrives to express surprise. I forgive you too, Phyllis tells both ‘you’re welcome’ – then leaves Jack and Lauren to wonder ‘what WAS that’?