Thursday, June 27th, 2019

Nick asks Rey to visit Reesa yet again – make sure they know it’s Adam we want. I’m on it, Rey leaves Nick to get a text from Adam – meet me in your old office.

Devon’s capable of respecting his relationship with Elena while respecting Hilary’s memory. Ana worries he’ll have another panic attack after pushing everyone away. Forget it – you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. Guys wait- Devon opens up a cupboard to pull out episodes of her show on DVD. It’s like she’s here. I can hear her laugh – see her smile. Sometimes they cause a panic attack but I just want to see her

If Billy can’t take care of Adam he’ll go to the cops. He didn’t mention having you locked up when showing up here crying crocodile tears. Chloe can’t – she’d go to prison – and turn Bella’s life upside down. It will ruin Kevin – after everything he did for me. Chloe must go back to Portland; be the Mother to Bella she can’t be to Delia. Just make sure Kevin comes home to me and Bella.

In his old office, Nick finds the laptop open to a video. And when Adam demands he drop his son off, Nick refuses. Let’s put an end to this ridiculous fight before someone gets hurt.

Devon’s afraid to lose the moments he had with Hilary. He’ll never hear his Dad laugh again – dance with Hilary. Memories don’t live in things, they live in your heart. Good things are waiting for you outside that door – and right here in this room. They’re not coming back, Devon tears up – he’s lost two forces of nature. Ana and Nate continue to their pep talk.

Phyllis startles Kevin at CL’s – when was the last time we saw each other? Seems like just yesterday. You seem to have a lot on your plate. I was indisposed. Were you? Kevin does indeed have a lot on his plate. We should get together sometime, he practically shouts over his shoulder as he hurries off.

At home, Sharon suggests a getaway to the lake since Faith’s at camp. Rey can’t – Nick wants him to follow up on some leads in Vegas. Every time Adam’s name comes up, we fight, Rey wonders why Sharon’s so upset. We need to get away, she claims. Rey thinks Sharon wants to run away. She loves Rey and wants ‘us’ to come first. I’m coming with you to Vegas, she decides.

Billy agrees to back off on Adam. Chloe thinks he’ll get what he deserves one day. But where’s your justice? She gets to spend some time with her Mom. And with Billy agreeing to help keep Kevin safe, she’s at peace. Hugging Chloe, Billy doesn’t want to let her go. I’ll be fine, she promises. With a hug and goodbye (for now) Billy leaves.

The police know all about this video, Nick doesn’t care if Adam uses it in court. Adam will use the court of public opinion. His lawyer will prove Nick’s not fit to be a Father. Nick thinks it time for Adam to go.

Devon starts to pack framed photos and his DVD collection into a box. Instead, he gets an idea and leaves the penthouse on a mission.

Massaging Rey’s shoulders and removing clothes, Sharon shouldn’t have any problem persuading him to take her to Vegas.

Kevin finds Chloe moping at the cemetery. He understands it’s hard to say goodbye but we don’t want you to miss your flight. Ester’s in the car and he’ll follow as soon as he can. I love you – everything will work out, Kevin promises with a hug (but doesn’t look convinced)

Jack? Traci? Anyone here? Finding the living room empty, Billy pries open a box and removes a gun.

Adam was ready to leave town a few weeks ago and laid down his terms. Christian’s your nephew, not your son. He belongs with me, Nick corrects. We’ll send you postcards, Adam sneers. They argue over who’d win in court and are about to get physical when Chelsea bursts in. Stop. Now!