Friday, June 28th, 2019

Adam? Chelsea didn’t expect to find him and Nick fighting. She’s tired of running. Adam wants to be alone with Chelsea – but after all he’s pulled, Nick won’t allow it.

Kevin’s about to escape Society when Phyllis summons him over. The ‘digital queen’ is stumped by an algorithm. Kevin’s surprised to be seated next to the new CEO of Dark Horse (which she’ll take to a new level) As Kevin’s involved in solving her coding issues, Phyllis takes a sniff then grabs him by the collar – sonofabitch, it was YOU!

Coming home to find Elana holding a GC Buzz DVD, Ana explains how she and Nate talked to Devon about moving on (and moving Hilary’s things out of the penthouse) But he’s gone and the box of stuff is here, Elena points out. Ana’s about to call Nate when Devon comes home. All are silent.

Back at Dark Horse, Chelsea appreciates Nick’s concern but wants to talk to Adam alone. I can handle it, she assures. After Nick leaves, Adam caresses Chelsea’s hair and gives her a kiss. Let’s go home. Taking her hand (adorned with a large ring) Adam’s lead out by his beloved.

Ana jumps in to defend Elena – I told her you were packing up Hilary’s things. Taking the DVD from Elena, Devon remembers the episode well. Elena sits – we’d love to hear the story.

No time for proofreading or spellcheck tonight dear readers. It’s the long weekend here in Canada!

Next time you abduct someone, don’t slather on a bunch of cologne – why would you lock my in a basement!? And why are you in GC? Again grabbing Kevin by the collar, Phyllis demands answers.

Chelsea finds it surreal to be back in the penthouse. Adam does too. He’s ready to make this their home again. Asked how Connor is, Chelsea’s animated – it was hard dropping him off at sleepaway camp. When Adam wants to go get him, Chelsea confesses that she’s there to ask him to let her go.

Devon tells the tale of the day Hilary’s guests didn’t show up – she answered viewer emails for the hour; relating to a girl being bullied (as she was) Ana and Elena are impressed and chuckle when hearing that the cameraman’s dog ran onstage to lick her face. Devon grows quiet again as he puts the DVD in the box.

Kevin didn’t kidnap Phyllis – he has a daughter to think about now. Then you must have had one helluva reason, Phyllis is told that plenty of men buy the same cologne at Fenmore’s – go sniff Adam. As fun as this has been, Kevin grabs his backpack and brushes past Nick when he arrives to stun Phyllis with the news that Chelsea’s in town (and talking to Adam) Those two could never stay away from each other, Phyllis’ comment makes Nick scowl harder.