Thursday, June 27th, 2019

It’s really me – I’m alive. Chloe knows this must be really weird for Billy. Yes, Adam knows. And you’re the one who shot him, Billy guesses. Chloe needs his help – you’re the only one I can trust.

Rey’s at Nick’s to update that Reesa wouldn’t talk about Spider – she’s moved on and thinks I should do the same. Easy for her to say – he’s not stealing her son, Nick frowns.

At CL’s, Kevin wants his freedom for what he’s dug up. Adam wants to see what he’s dug up first. Turning his laptop around, Kevin shows Adam a clip of Nick peeling off his JT mask in the alleyway (with Victor)

Ana’s convincing Nate to tag team Devon (who’s not the man they know and love) It’s late, Nate suggests another time. No time like the present, Ana insists as Devon comes home. Yes, it’s about the panic attack.

Send everything to 1228 Market Street, Phyllis hangs up when Sharon arrives at Society’s bar to recognize the Dark Horse address. Hearing she’s running the company, Sharon won’t congratulate Phyllis for falling into someone else’s bed.

Phyllis was offered a job – she took it. Who offered? The new owner – Adam. Sharon now suspects Phyllis is the reason Adam’s not the kind, wounded man she brought back to town. He was rebuilding his relationships when you came along to exact revenge on everyone who’s wronged you. Adam could have had everything. Yes, Sharon was helping him. Her eyes full of mischief, Phyllis wonders what Rey thinks (about Sharon’s unconditional love for Adam)

Chloe doesn’t have much time – Bella’s great – she reminds me so much of Delia (whose grave she looks at) Kevin will be staying here for a little while – he helped me get a new identity – we were living a great life until I learned Adam was alive; the man who took Delia from us. Chloe couldn’t let him pick up where he left off. Our little girl deserves a future, not Adam. I took matters into my own hands and shot him. Adam put someone up to confess to it – and held me hostage. Why’d he let you go? Because of Kevin.

Incredible – just what I needed – this kills the fantasy that Nick’s the good Newman, Adam’s thrilled with Kevin’s video bombshell.

Hilary was my wife, am I not allowed to miss her? Devon had the panic attack because of Neil’s dedication and he stopped taking his medication (and seeing his doctor) Ana and Nate are worried. What else am I doing wrong with my life? Devon wonders. This and this, Ana scoops up framed photos. Hilary’s perfume is in the powder room – her clothes in the closet. It’s time to move on and be free, Nate agrees.

Phyllis warns Sharon that she’ll be shopping for a new boyfriend if she doesn’t stop fussing over Adam. Sharon won’t take advice from a woman who can’t keep a man – or a job. You blew up Billy, Jabot, Nick – and probably Summer. Phyllis doesn’t care about being popular – as long as she has power. That advice came from your secret heartthrob. It must be hard going back to your dull detective when it’s bad boy Adam who makes you feel alive. Sharon’s left looking busted.

Chloe doesn’t believe that Kevin’s helping Mike – he traded my freedom for his. Adam’s got him working on something. Keep an eye on him. Anything – Billy will take care of him right now. No, you’ll make things worse, Chloe protests.

Adam wants Kevin to find more – this will NEVER be over. You need me, Adam insists – and I’ve got your back. Imagine if Phyllis found out that you were the one to hold her hostage. I’ll be in touch. After Kevin leaves, Sharon arrives at CL’s to chide Adam for hiring Phyllis to run Nicks company. Is she blackmailing you? No. All I do is disappoint you – best we stay away from each other for a while, Adam leaves Sharon looking torn.