Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

Traci and Cane are awkwardly surprised by their kiss. She must be giddy about finishing her book. He thinks it contagious.

Kevin doesn’t love being woken up and summoned to Adam’s place. Adam doesn’t appreciate Kevin’s lack of progress in getting him dirt on Nick. And when Kevin claims he’s been going through thousands of Nick’s files without any luck yet, Adam knows he’s lying and is sure whatever Kevin found is bad enough to take Nick down.

At Society’s bar, Jack updates Billy that Adam hired Phyllis to run Dark Horse. He checked her gift basket for listening devices – we must keep our eyes and ears open. Yeah, Billy worries Adam may have given Phyllis the arsenal to move in for the kill.

Initially claiming he wouldn’t hold out on Adam, a quick reminder about Chloe has Kevin admitting he found something (despite Nick frying the servers before handing over the keys to Dark Horse) The info is super juicy. Kevin then appeals to Adam on behalf of Bella. She misses her Mother. You’ve already taken one child from Chloe; are you going to keep her from this one too?

Traci thanks Cane for listening to her whole book without falling asleep. He didn’t like it, he loved it – thank you for sharing something so special – what’s the next step? Traci doesn’t understand – do we even have a next step? Cane chuckles – no, no, I meant what’s the next step for the book?

At CL’s, Mariah taps a few keys and declares Tessa’s video finished and perfect. Trust me – this is gold and soon the rest of the world will know how talented you are.

Billy won’t relax – perhaps Jack’s forgotten that Phyllis is out for payback and that Dark Horse is the landlord for all the Jabotiques? We know what she’s capable of but Phyllis answers to Adam and he’s my friend, an unconcerned Jack promises she won’t be a problem. Billy takes issue with relying on Adam to control Phyllis. Jack changes the subject and is surprised to hear that Victor stepped aside and put Vikki in charge at NE. At this rate, Adam’s resurrection will affect everyone in town.

Adam brings Kevin to a room with a thug posted outside the door – surprise. He watches as Chloe and Kevin cling to one another.

After Adam leaves to give them privacy, Kevin updates a weepy Chloe on Bella (but glad to hear she’s doing well) She’s sorry she took off to shoot Adam. If you keep going after him, you’ll end up in prison or a psych ward, Kevin warns. Being locked in this room, Chloe agrees – she just wants to go home to be with Kevin and Bella. Kevin’s working a big case for Mike but Chloe needs to go back to Portland without anyone seeing her. No, I’m not in danger, he swears. OK, Chloe will go alone. I guess this is goodbye, Adam will have Mathew take Chloe to the airport. First, she wants a word with Adam, alone.

Traci recites the steps – she sends the first draft to her editor for feedback – makes revisions – then it goes to her publisher – advance copies go to writers, critics etc. for ‘blurbs’ on the book cover. Cane seems interested – we should celebrate – not drinks, a party with friends and family. I’ll do all the work, he insists. What just happened? Traci’s left to laugh to herself.

Kevin’s alarmed – leave now while you still can. Chloe will after one last talk with Adam. Trust me – then I can move on. I’ll be right outside that door, Kevin vows. Yeah, yeah – you’ll bust in like Mighty Mouse, Adam quips. He’s then left to confront Chloe. OK – you can stop playing nice. We both know you’d kill me right now if you could.