Friday, June 28th, 2019

It may have been three years for Chelsea but Adam feels as if no time has passed. She has a husband now – you have no idea what it was like for me. Chelsea did whatever it took to make it through (for Connor) She finally came out the other side and has a new life.

At CL’s, Mariah scolds Kevin for not telling her he was in town. After a hug, she offers to fix all his problems.

Nick blames Phyllis – if not for her, he and Chelsea might be married right now. She ripped off Fenmore’s and threatened to reveal Christian’s paternity, then knocked Sharon out, Phyllis reminds. No, she didn’t want to be the one to tell him Christian wasn’t his biological son. Chelsea lied, stole and abandoned you – why are so quick to defend her? Nick sighs and drinks.

Adam has enough money to start a new life – in Paris. Calvin adopted Connor, Chelsea refuses. Her husband is kind and good. Do you love him? Adam asks. Chelsea looks busted.

Calvin and I have a good life, Chelsea doesn’t owe Adam an answer. He disagrees – this man’s raising my son. Connor’s happy and safe. Do what’s best for him, Chelsea implores. That poor kid’s been through enough trauma. He was lost when you died. But I’m alive, Adam persists. How is living a lie putting Connor first?

Mariah fills Kevin in on her new job as head of Power Communications. He’s so proud of her. Confiding that he’s pissed off some people, Kevin thinks it best Mariah doesn’t know.

Hilary’s things all packed up, Devon thanks Ana and Elena – I appreciate you. He wants to keep some things but will donate most to the church. Finding something Hilary stole from the set, Devon flashes back to her first show. A tiara leads to more flashback of Hilary mentoring Shawna – and dancing at the side of the road after Devon’s car broke down. The box finally packed, he, Ana and Elena share a group hug.

Still at CL’s, Mariah advises Kevin to own up to what he’s done and give those he’s wrong something they can’t say ‘no’ to. Make them forgive you. Kevin will see what he can do.

Phyllis never wanted Nick to know that Adam was Christian’s biological Father because he loves that boy so much. There’s no correct scenario here. Adam is his Father and the love of Chelsea’s life.

You’re a myth to Connor, Chelsea explains. Adam’s been in his shoes – he knows the pain of not knowing his Father. The truth will come out – and he’ll blame you. He felt robbed when his Mother told him (on her deathbed) that Victor was his Father. Connor’s a Newman. Yes, but he’ll never know that, Chelsea insists. Adam vows to reclaim his son.

Back from donating Hilary’s things, Devon expresses his gratitude to Elena. You’re a new life for me (as corny as that sounds) ~kiss~

Phyllis closes her laptop – sure that Nick and Chelsea weren’t meant to be. She doesn’t care that she’s a pariah. At least Chelsea will take some of the heat off soon. Nick needs to take the blinders off. Nick has plenty of questions for her.

Nick knows your love for me was always stronger, Adam believes. Not feeling the same way about him anymore, Chelsea leaves Adam devastated and alone.