Monday, July 1st, 2019

Wearing an unflattering, creased pantsuit, Chelsea takes a seat in the park – I know you’re out there, Nick. I know I won’t get away without answering some questions, she knows when he emerges.

Wearing a marginally less unflattering leopard print dress that only she could pull off (but still shouldn’t pose sideways in) Phyllis has summoned Adam to Dark Horse to confront him on having Kevin Fisher kidnap her. Is that all I’m worth to you? she snarls.

At Society, Lola assures a nervous Kyle that her Mom will love him. If she can survive a bachelorette shower with half naked men, he can handle this. Silencing him with a kiss, she coos – relax – everything will be alright. She’s here, Lola hugs her Mom (who then hugs Kyle and gushes about what a beautiful couple they make)

Strolling through a country carnival that Summer’s selling him on, a popcorn-munching Theo’s sold on Rockwell meets small town USA. It’s not as chill as watching fireworks on a rooftop in Brooklyn – but GC has one thing NY doesn’t – Summer. This might even be fun. Pleasantly surprised, he takes a swig from Summer’s water bottle (which does not contain water)

Nick didn’t mean to stalk Chelsea – he wanted to make sure she’s OK. She is and won’t run anymore. Part of her wishes she hadn’t come back – and not just because of Adam.

Continuing to play country bumpkins, Summer lists why she’s having the best July 4th ever. Not doing very well at his tossing game, Theo’s distracted by Summer (who continues to drink as she rants and raves about marrying Kyle being the worst mistake of her life.

Back at Society, Kyle and Mrs Rosales are having a love-in about how wonderful Lola is. She’s enjoyed her stay at the club but now that her being in GC is no longer a secret, she looks forward to staying with Lola – there’s room right? The lovebirds share a forced smile.

Chelsea was surprised that Nick finally reached out to her. She doesn’t blame him for not responding to her apologies, wishes she’d handled things better and appreciates Nick putting all that aside to try warn her about Adam. In tears, Chelsea apologizes for hurting Nick – she was raised to survive by bailing and not looking back but couldn’t forget how much Nick mattered to her – more than anybody. Can he find it in his heart to forgive her?

You’d prefer your next kidnapping be performed by a higher priced mercenary? Adam quips. Phyllis just wants Adam to aim a little higher – that’s all (she questions his judgment) Adam surprises Phyllis – Kevin kidnapped her all on his own – as revenge for Chloe. He thought we were a couple. Just wait til Phyllis gets her hands on Kevin…

Summer’s still blathering on about how much she loves carnivals as Theo shoves cotton candy in his mouth. Nixing the ferris wheel, he VERY loudly whisks Summer off to the fun house. Onlookers do what onlookers do – look on as showman Theo announces that he’ll take her breath away in a room full of mirrors.

Knowing the owner of the GCAC very well, Kyle thinks Ms Rosales should continue to let them pamper her like a queen. But Lola’s Mom wants to get a taste of how her daughter lives – and make their famous tamales together. It’s settled – she’s already packed. We just finished painting, Kyle will go home to clean up tarps and call when he’s done. Oh yes, I WILL need your key, Kyle’s reminded. Take your time – great meeting you, Kyle kisses Lola then grabs Mariah as he exits. But I’m hungry, she bleats as she’s hauled away to help.