Monday, July 1st, 2019

Nick was going to build Chelsea a house in which to raise their kids. Her leaving left a hole in his heart but now has perspective and so better understands. Yes, he’s happy; Faith, Summer and Christian keep him on his toes. How is he? Amazing, Nick asks Chelsea if she’d like to see the boy she claims to think about every day.

Kevin chose the wrong target, Phyllis fumes. He works for me – that means he works for you, Adam reminds that Kevin has certain felonious talents they can use.

Grumbling as she helps Kyle clear the apartment of all things masculine, Mariah suggests he and Lola just tell Mrs Rosales the truth; that he’s living with her.

Still at Society, Lola’s Mom is proud of her daughter. Her finding love, success and happiness proves she made the right choice moving from Miami to GC.

Phyllis likes the idea of having Kevin at her beck and call. Even though Adam won’t share what he has over Kevin, she agrees making him into an obedient lapdog her perfect revenge. How is he at catering? She’s having a party tonight to celebrate her role at Dark Horse – at your place. With a sigh, Adam leaves.

Reuniting at the carnival, Nick has Christian in his arms. Yes, Chelsea is Connor’s Mom. You remember him? Surprised, she tears up – you never forget the people you love the most.

Barely finished de-Kyling the apartment, Mariah jams his ‘Ask My Girlfriend’ baseball cap on her head as Lola and her Mom walk him. After some awkward chit chat, Mariah will skedaddle. So, this is my apartment, Lola and Kyle continue to stumble and are barely able to keep their smiles in place when Mrs Rosales announces that she’ll be staying until the wedding.

Kevin’s summoned Kevin to the penthouse for his next mission – follow Chelsea while she’s in town. Why not call her? Oh she’s the last person she wants to let into her life, Kevin folds his arms knowingly.

Chelsea’s sorry she ripped Christian and Connor apart (though not leaving him when she fled) He’s happy – we’re OK, Nick wants Chelsea to stop beating herself up. Come over and check out the new digs? Nick’s invitation surprises her.

Phyllis recites her guest list; Jack, Billy, Mike, Lauren, Summer (who she then leaves a message for – let’s go to the carnival together) Done having fun in the funhouse, Summer deletes messages from her Mom and Billy (who’s about to start a meeting she’s to attend)

Her Mom in the bathroom, Lola’s glad Kyle understands – the only way to resolve this is to get married asap. Let’s tell her the truth, Kyle whispers. Mrs Rosales found something very interesting in the bedroom. I can explain, both stutter. Mrs Rosales has found a book of wedding plans. It’s mine, Kyle plans to give Lola the wedding of her dreams. Not without me you’re not, Mom sits to flip through the book.

Adam doesn’t think Kevin’s in a position to make jokes (reminding that Chloe’s waiting for him to come home safe) OK, Kevin will follow Chelsea but baulks when ordered to find out where Connor’s summer camp is. That’s where he draws the line. Adam has no lines – Kevin’s to follow orders or Bella’s Mommy will hate him too – for having her Mommy locked up.

After giving Chelsea a tour of the house, Nick asks whether Adam mentioned taking custody of Christian. Not in so many words – he hasn’t let me go and is threatening to take Connor too. Chelsea understands – he brought out the best in Adam. Do did you, Nick wonders what she’ll do. Hearing she won’t lose her son, Nick thinks they should team up to protect both boys from Adam.

Mrs Rosales has been waiting for her daughter’s wedding day since Lola was born. This is about two families joining together forever – when does she get to meet the famous Abbott’s? Lola and Kyle continue to squirm.

At the carnival, Phyllis shoots a bullseye – got any more targets? More competitive ones? Bring them on – bring them all on, she tells the carny.

Calvin’s got a kind heart and is great with Connor, Chelsea informs No, he doesn’t know ALL about Chelsea’s checkered past. Nick’s glad to hear it (but doesn’t look it) How about we catch up over dinner? Chelsea’s free tonight.

Adam opens his door to a white haired gentleman – who are you? Calvin Boudreau; Chelsea’s husband. We need to have ourselves a little talk. Well, well, come in, Adam invites – the wheels turning as he closes the door.

Happy Canada Day!!