Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

Victor drops by his former (now Vikki’s) office. Having no doubt she has everything under control, he doesn’t seem to be interested in business and is instead focussing on his health. Why did you want to see me? Vikki wonders.

Abby arrives after getting a text from her Dad. Victor wants to update you on his condition, Nikki meets her in the foyer. It’s bad news, isn’t it? Abby’s nervous. Let’s go, Nikki ignores the question as she escorts Abby to the office.

Seated at Society, Nick and Chelsea continue to catch up. What she’s been doing since she left GC?

In her office, Phyllis is going over blueprints with an architect/designer. She’s pleased that the walk-in closet can be expanded by six feet and that the penthouse and hotel will be complete within a month. Perfect, she’s eager to move in.

This should sober you up, Theo delivers an espresso to Summer on the CL’s patio (as she quickly sips more booze before hiding her ‘water’ bottle back in her purse) Look how many likes Natalia has (on a merch event in NY) he holds out his phone. That should make Kyle OK with you missing the meeting. Oh please – Jabot needs me more than I need them. Summer’s sure they’re freaking out thinking she got another job and will text any minute begging her to come back. On cue, Summer does indeed get a text; Kyle asking where the hell she is. Billy’s pissed and she better get it together if she wants to keep her job. What a jerk, she sputters.

You’re home, Devon states the obvious when Elena comes in with groceries and flowers. Mind? Devon’s pleased she feels at home here. Change anything – furniture, art. That piano, she jokes and thanks Devon for making her feel so welcome. Put a picture of your Mom beside the one of Neil, he invites. Elena kisses her thoughtful, and yes, sexy man.

Seated around the conference table in the CEO office, Victor updates his daughters that he’s going to try a groundbreaking new protocol to treat his PNH (since the one Nate put him on hasn’t helped) But yes, Nate approves of Victor trying this new trial, which Vikki and Abby are surprised to hear he’s already started. It seems to be going well – no side effects. What ARE the side effects? Vikki wonders.

Summer rants some more about Kyle – he’s drooling over Lola while I work my butt off. I deserve a break. I could be missing the meeting because I’m deathly ill for all Kyle knows. Too late buster, she sneers when Kyle texts ‘are you OK’? The more Summer carries on about Kyle, the more annoyed Theo becomes.

Chelsea stayed away from her Mom for months (then she made a new life for herself too) So you travelled around before meeting and marrying Calvin in Louisiana? Nick comments that it happened fast – it must have been love at first sight.

Victor and Nikki joke about the long list of side effects. Nick? He’s already been updated. Surprised but recovering quickly, Vikki and Abby are supportive and glad their brother was able to advise Victor. With a round of hugs, Nikki and Victor share a look.

Chelsea insists that she and Calvin have a solid marriage. How’d you meet? My Mom introduced us, sort of. Anita had her eyes on him but he fell for Chelsea. Nick thinks he must be a great guy to abandon him and her life in GC. He apologizes for the comment but he wishes Chelsea had given them a chance.