Monday, July 8th, 2019

As Paul and Nikki watch in quietly, Chris confirms that she will be making an announcement today. Victor’s lawsuit has been settled but he believes Chris should face more punishment than public humiliation – you should be in jail for what you did to my wife and daughter. Chris is confident that she’ll be the winner by the end of the day. Victor leads Nikki off to continue their stroll – he hates being around delusional people.

Her bag packed, an impatient Chelsea seems ready to flee – then looks at a framed photo of Nick and Summer.

Sure that Chelsea won’t be sucked in by Adam again, Nick asks that if Vikki won’t do it for him or Chelsea – do it for Connor (who’s lost his adoptive Father) Vikki makes the call – get the jet ready; my brother’s taking a trip.

Adding that Theo’s just been hired by Devon, Summer sells Billy, and then Jack – on her influencer idea. But after she leaves, Jack confides that Theo might be the (bad) influencer. He and Kyle got in some trouble in NY. Summer’s a grown up, Billy points out – and you’re not her Father; Nick is.

I need to do this alone, Chris gives Paul and kiss and exits the park. I’ll be watching, Paul calls after her.

Appreciating Vikki’s help, Nick offers a way for her to one-up Adam. The last deal he closed with Dark Horse was a 115 million high rise project. If it hit some snags, IE time delays, it could cause big problems for Dark Horse. If Vikki gets Dark Horse back from Adam, she expects Nick to run it again. Having enough on his plate, Nick greets Billy as he exits.

At CL’s, Jack and Mallory bond over their parents battling Alzheimer’s.

When Billy relays Victor forgetting that he’d paid the lunch tab, Vikki frets – confusion is a side effect of his treatment. No, Jack doesn’t know and Billy’s sure he wouldn’t use it against Victor if he did (because of Dina’s situation) I’m so worried about him, Vikki frets. Worried about who? Victor appears (with Nikki)

Coming home, Nick’s mildly surprised to hear that Summer left. He’s arranged the private jet to take Chelsea to see Connor at summer camp (and him if she’d like him to go) Deciding that she’s not worried about what people will think (including Adam) Chelsea would like Nick to come.

Back at CL’s, Jack tells Mallory that Traci’s finished her novel and is involved with a guy who comes with a lot of baggage. Is she happy? Yes, Jack realizes who is he to deny her that? When you find happiness you gotta grab it.

Billy lies effortlessly – they were just worried about Johnny at camp – nothing serious, just kids stuff. Asking how the treatment’s going, Vikki can see her Dad’s in good spirits. That’s because of the settlement and Chris is making an announcement. Let’s tune in.

Paul watches the TV at CL’s (as Jack watches in the background) Chris announces that it wouldn’t be prudent to fight Mr Newmans lawsuit. The DA’s office and GCPD will not contest that their negligence caused Mr Newman and his family emotional duress. Further, she has decided not to seek reelection. Blah, blah, blah. Give Chris my best, Jack tells Paul on his way out. The Chief then gets a call regarding the results of Calvin’s autopsy.

Nick calls Pete to say they’re on their way. The jet’s ready to go, he informs a relieved Chelsea. They share an awkward moment and lock eyes when they hands touch briefly as both reach for her suitcase.

Next: Jill returns to chaos .. Adam forces Kevin to play dirty.