Monday, July 8th, 2019

Finding Chris in the park, Paul brings a single red rose, compliments and jokes. Alas, she’s still fixated on her phone; expecting a call that’s sure to be bad news.

Summer curls her lip in distaste as she watches Nick adjust the blanket Chelsea’s tossing under on the couch. What’s going on??

Finishing up lunch at Society, Nikki wonders if Victor misses ruling the world. No, he does not. How about a walk in the park? When Jack pauses to greet them, Victor makes it clear he’s to keep going.

Also at Society, Billy calls Vikki (at the office) to report that her parents are here and that here Dad looks OK. Jack takes a seat to say he’s in disbelief. Victor’s losing it.

Though sorry to hear that Chelsea’s husband died suddenly, Summer’s not happy that she’s there. It’s weird to see her Dad fussing over her. She needs a friend, Nick asks Summer to babysit Chelsea while he goes to ask Vikki if he can borrow the Newman jet. Destination; Connor’s summer camp to break the bad news. It’s what a friend would do.

Jack informs Billy that Victor completely forget that he’d already paid his lunch bill. It’s also strange that he handed the reigns to Vikki. Not seeing the big deal, Billy reminds that they’re there to discuss Jabot business.

Victor reassures Nikki. He doesn’t need rest; he just forgot one little thing is all. Getting a call, Victor’s pleased by the ‘excellent news’.

Still at the park, Chris also gets a call. This is a big mistake but yes, she’ll be there. She then updates Paul that Victor’s lawsuit against the DA’s office and the GCPD has been settled for an undisclosed amount. She’s to make the announcement on live TV. Paul’s pissed – it’ll look like you caved. Yes, people might conclude that she holds a grudge against the Newmans. But, there’s more to life than work. Maybe it’s time …..

Paul cautions Chris not to make a hasty decision based on this – think about it. We’ve talked about it (a lot) Chris reminds. She’s OK as long as she had Paul in her corner. Victor strolls through the park with Nikki on his arm. I hear you’re making an announcement today.

Awakening to the sounds of Summer loudly eating cereal, Chelsea’s told that Nick’s gone to arrange for her to go see Connor. Still in shock that her husband’s dead, Chelsea comments on how helpful Nick’s being. Calling Chelsea a human wrecking ball, Summer doesn’t want her Dad to get sucked in – don’t take advantage of him.

Nick’s in Vikki’s office, working hard to get her to cough up the Newman jet. Yes, Vikki appreciates that Chelsea gave her Johnny – but she too worries that Chelsea’s drawing Nick into an explosive situation. Confiding that Adam tried to get Connor too, Nick’s sure that Chelsea hates him too. She and Adam have a love-hate relationship, Vikki wonders where Nick will be left when the pendulum swings the other way.

Back at Society, Jack thinks his risk of hiring two chemists will pay off. Jabot will have new cosmetics and fragrances by years’ end. JVC’s numbers are also looking good. Disinterested, Billy has something important to attend to (but is stalled when Summer arrives to pitch her great idea) Theo suggested she become an influencer; basically, she goes clubbing and hits the red carpet pimping Jabot products. Billy’s onboard, Jack’s hesitant.